Sunday, February 15, 2015

hey kids-
remember this?:
(from the TOTW 9/8/14) WEEK ONE @ MIAMI DOLPHINS L 33_20
so the good news is that tommy’s in last place and you know he’s pissed off about it, which can only be good for us. the even gooder news is that the last time we lost the season opener, we won the super bowl. 
well kids, everyone who laughed at me when i said that can suck it because it happened again. our patriots won the super bowl in a game for the ages. this one had high and lows, ups and downs, drama and intrigue, and ultimately one great big patriots win. let’s dive in!
tommy had his ferocious face on from the second he took the field, and he never let up. in spite of two interceptions, our fearless quarterback wound up 37 for 50 with 328 yards and four touchdowns – two of which were thrown in the  fourth quarter.  tommy’s pulled off the fourth quarter comeback so many times now, none of us should be surprised that he played one his most perfect quarters of football when it mattered most – going 13 for 15 with 124 yards and two those beautiful two touchdown passes. here he is, showing off all the leadership, competitiveness, and general roguish charm it takes to be a four time super bowl winning quarterback – and making it look easy.

but wait! there’s more! here he is, actually WINNING the super bowl.

and here he is, looking just like that kid who stole our hearts 14 years ago. what  a love story this has turned out to be, tommy.

of course, there were a whole bunch of other patriots at super bowl 49 beside tom brady, and they played their little patriots hearts out. gronk, amendola, and edelman all had touchdown receptions, and julian made a strong case for mvp with 109 yards and nine catches. revis and chandler jones both sacked russell wilson, and our little ryan allen set a new record for the longest punt in a super bowl. still, this game came right down to the last minute, literally, and i’d say it took a miracle – but really it took one little patriot who took “do your job” to heart – and he’s getting the tommy of the week. i’m not going to lie –  as seattle began marching down the field with two minutes left, i couldn’t watch. i had my head firmly planted against the chest of the poor guy who happened to sit next to me and was compulsively texting the same thing to mom and lil sis over and over and over:

thank god bill belichick believed in my defense, too. instead of calling a timeout, he let the clock tick down as seattle executed the now-infamous “worst play call in history,” a pass that sailed right into the waiting arms of malcolm butler. our little rookie cornerback had already defended three passes – more than anyone else on defense – and had just given up a huge gain on another miracle catch that had patriots fans crawling underneath bars across america. luckily, the little rookie didn’t let it get him down. he got right back out there, applied the lessons he’d learned in practice, and jumped the route to pick off wilson and clinch the game. i agree that tommy is the super bowl mvp, but malcolm butler gets the tommy of the week. here he is, making the season’s most spectacular interception (which i finally saw on about the third replay when the guy next to me picked me up off the floor and made me watch).

and as usual, tommy’s face looked exactly like mine:

say what you will about carroll, wilson, and the bad play call – but if the “legendary” seattle defense hadn’t let tom brady score 14 points in six minutes to take the lead in the fourth quarter, it really wouldn’t have mattered. but in the end, tom brady DID score 14 points in six minutes, the play call DID matter, and the patriots DID win the super bowl. i will never get tired of saying that.

it’s a little bittersweet to write this totw – and it’s taken me so long because i’m not quite ready to say goodbye to this season. this was our year kids, and from that terrible day in kansas city to that awesome high against denver to that frigid night at gillette stadium to this glorious sunday in arizona, what a year it turned out to be. the good news is that THE PATRIOTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!! the even gooder news is that the last time the patriots lost their season opener and won the super bowl, they came right back the next year to win another one.
are you ready? see you in september.

love dav.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


hey kids-
welcome to the totw bubble! perfectly inflated to 12.5 psi, this is a scandal free zone where i get to say stuff like HOLY CRAP KIDS! WE’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL and actually be excited about it.
in all the aftermath, it’s easy to forget just how awesome the AFC championship game was for our patriots – and hot damn, was it awesome! our fearless quarterback led the charge, going 23 for 35 with 226 yards and three touchdowns, along with that now infamous interception. whatever. WE’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! here’s tommy, looking just like a quarterback ON HIS WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL! i think he nailed it, but he has had a lot of practice!

know who doesn’t have any practice looking like he’s ON THE WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL? legarrette blount – but boy oh boy did he play like does. blount powered through the colts to the tune of 148 yards and three touchdowns, bulldozing our patriots’ way into the big game. when our patriots win 45-7, you can bet there were a lot of stellar performances, but blount’s was good enough for this week’s tommy of the week. let’s add a ring to that bling, LG!

the big game is tomorrow, kids! OUR PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL and i haven’t had that sinking feeling i got when we played the giants – which i’m taking as a good sign. in fact, i’m feeling calm and excited in a completely nonjinxing or chicken counting kind of way. that said, i don’t think i can take losing another one, so pull out all the stops and think your happy patriots thoughts like you’ve never thought them before! you shouldn’t be surprised to hear i plan to be drunk tomorrow night, but hopefully i’ll be back early next week with your final totw of the season – and all the highlights of OUR PATRIOTS IN THE SUPER BOWL!
have a great saturday, and go pats!
oh yeah, say it with me now: Go Pats!
one more time – with feeling! GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love dav

Friday, January 16, 2015


live from gillette stadium- it’s saturday night! featuring tom brady! julian edelman! vince wilfork! the gronk! jamie collins! danny amendola! and your host, dav!
hey kids-
it was a nailbiter against the ravens, and I have the bitten nails to prove it! thankfully all that drama kept the crowd on its feet and me from freezing to death during my very first visit to gillette stadium!  i’m not gonna lie – i almost froze to death, but it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT.
our fearless quarterback looks even more fearless in person...or maybe that was just the insane mad dash into the end zone RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE while i sat in the third row on the 30 yard line. happily for me, that was just the beginning of tommy’s terrific performance – which ended with three and a half passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown – along with 365 yards. here he is, being tom brady RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. check it out, kids! I totally took my own totw picture!

it was a rollcoaster ride of a game, but our patriots fought hard to make sure my first trip to gillette ended victoriously. jamie collins got several steps closer to being my favorite defensive player ever, gronk put on a big (and surprisingly lumbering in person) show,  and danny amendola played like he knew i came to see him. our patriots even pulled out all the stops with a still-makes-me-giddy trick play – an oh-so-pretty flea flicker from tommy to julian to danny RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. serious dav porn. i’m just saying. i couldn’t have asked for a more incredible game, and i couldn’t be more excited to give this week’s tommy of the week to its namesake. down by two touchdowns twice, tommy put the patriots on his fearless quarterback shoulders, showing his leadership, competiveness, and general roguish charm RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. what a game! what a win! what a cute butt! thanks for a great night, tommy!

we play the colts on sunday kids, and i’m still too excited to be super nervous – though the butterflies are starting to set in. my happy patriots thoughts have been irrepressible this week, so add yours to the mix,  and let’s show those colts we don’t need luck when we’ve got tom brady. did i mention he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. holy crap that was amazing.
have a great weekend, and go pats!
love dav