Monday, November 20, 2017


hey kids-

i sure hope our patriots picked up a few cases of tequila on their way back from mexico city, because shots are definitely in order after this rout of the raiders. winning is better than losing, but winning by a whole bunch is soooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuch better than that. uno mas, patriotitos!

i think i'm finally starting to see the whole "tom brady is playing some of the best football of his career" thing everybody's been talking about all season. while i'd have liked a little more productivity in the red zone, our fearless quarterback went 30 of 37 for 339 yards and three touchdowns - including a super pretty long pass down the field to brandin cooks. tommy did some other good stuff, too, but holy crap! did you see that pass to brandin cooks? i'd say we should play all our games at altitude, but looking at this, maybe that mexico stadium is so big that the laws of physics just don't apply. 

our new-and-improved defense continues to new and improve, this week holding the raiders to one late game score and forcing two turnovers. muy bien, boys, but you had some stiff competition for this week's totw. this one could easily go to cooks (see the aforementioned holy crap) or to stephen gostkowski, who nailed his 62-yarder along with three other field goals, but in a fit of prerogative, i'm giving the tommy of the week to its namesake. there are lots of reasons - but really, do i need one? gracias, tomas!

after rockin on the road, we head home to play miami on sunday in a very peculiar stretch of back to back to back to almost back to back divisional games. think your happy patriots thoughts while you're enjoying your turkey - and save a little room for fish!

have a happy thanksgiving and a great week- and go pats!

love dav

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


hey kids- 

i don't know if it's sunday night football, the benefit of the bye, or just that our patriots are finally patriots again, but our boys looked freaking awesome on sunday night. this was hands down some of the most fun i've had watching football all season - and not just because i was in new york!

even our fearless quarterback, whom everyone else says looks great but i think looks awful, looked freaking awesome on sunday night. he plays some crappy football at mile high, and while the team certainly helped with this win, tommy went 25 of 34 for 266 yards and three touchdowns. thank god it's november, eh, tommy? we know those beanies are the source of your super powers.

there are so many contenders for this week's tommy, it's an embarrassment of riches. gronk and cooks both had nice games, bennett managed to be productive after being back for just three days, and allen (d, not r) managed to be productive for the first time all year. the d also held the broncos to just 16 points - which is freaking awesome, even if it was osweiler. still, anyone who watched this game knows it was special teams that stole the show. of course, lewis' punt return for 103 yards and a touchdown was amazing, but i'm giving the totw to rex burkhead. the receiving touchdown was nice, but the blocked punt sealed the deal. freaking amazing, sexy rexy! more of that, please.

our patriots are hanging out in colorado springs - where my little sister will be stalking them until they head off to mexico city to play the raiders next sunday. the boys are definitely back on track, and i'm trying to get back on track with weekly totws as well. spending all day writing cover letters and responding to job posts saps my creative energy- so if you know anyone who needs a copywriter, send 'em my way!  meanwhile, you've all been rocking your happy patriots thoughts, so keep up the great work! 

have a great week, and go pats! 

love dav

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


well kids, 

our patriots actually looked like patriots on sunday night, and if that's not enough motivation to start writing totws again, i don't know what will be. 

i keep hearing that this is one of tommy's best seasons on record, but i find it inconceivable because i think he looks awful. our fearless quarterback went 21 of 29 for 249 yards and two touchdowns, and when you factor in that three of the eight misses were dropped passes, i guess i kind of see it... but i still think he looks awful. hang in there tommy. the fog is bound to lift - and at least you're winning!

you can't blame tommy for thinking all that fog was leftover firework smoke - especially since our defense seemed emerge from it as if rising up out the ashes. our last-in-the-league defense very nearly shut out the falcons in what was hopefully a confidence builder for them and definitely a confidence builder for me. butler and bademosi both get honorable mention, as does our nifty new running back quartet, but i'm giving the totw to kyle van noy. it's always good when a linebacker has the most tackles on our team - so thanks for doing your job, kyle!

we play san diangeles on sunday, and everyone keeps going on and on about the chargers and their three game winning streak. in their defense, it really doesn't happen too often, so i get why they're excited. think your happy patriots thoughts that our own three game winning streak continues, and i'll catch you next time.

have a great week, and go pats.

love dav