Thursday, January 13, 2011


hey kids-

this week kind of got away from me, but i hope you’ve been practicing your happy patriots thoughts on your own. i have so much faith that you know what you’re doing, i’m giving you a totw quickie this week. hang on to your helmets.
you’d think the jets would have sore jaws after the way we punched them in the mouth last month, but they only seem to have gotten louder and more obnoxious. amidst the name-calling and tommy-bashing, the best line of the week came from the jet who said “this is a fifth amendment locker room.” sadly, the jets have absolutely NO experience invoking their fifth amendment rights not to incriminate themselves, although they’ve got that first amendment down pat. even our fearless quarterback thought it was hilarious.

it can’t be easy to keep our young team focused in the midst of all this trash talk, but bill belichick is taking one for the team and donning a doofy hat with a pom pom on top, giving the boys something to talk about. way to change the story, bill!

you might suppose that after two weeks, i’d be sick of looking at wes bumming around the locker room in winter cute hat, flashing those pretty baby blues...but you’d be wrong.  

ok, kids, that’s all she wrote. we’re the second game on sunday afternoon, and one way or another, it promises to be quite the show. there’s only a 10% chance it’ll snow – which are just about the same odds the jets have after insulting our quarterback. still, don’t take any chances, and think happy patriots thoughts.

hope your week has been great – and your sunday evening will be even better. go pats!

love dav

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


hey kids-

happy new year! the patriots rang it in with an easy victory over miami, in which rob gronkowski caught his 10th touchdown pass (tying mike ditka for tds as rookie), benjarvus green ellis rushed for his 1000th yard this season, and julian edelman reclaimed his mojo with the longest patriots punt return in history. someone should have told the pats this was a “meaningless game,” because they sure played like they meant it.

our fearless quarterback led the charge, making the most of his two quarters with nearly 200 yards, two touchdown passes and (still!!!) no interceptions. he’s been so on target lately, it’s almost like there’s nobody but patriots on the field! ok, ok, this one was from warm-ups. but still.

while there were many totw-worthy performances, this week’s winner was an easy choice. i was hoping for an excuse to give it to devin mccourty, and he delivered less than two minutes in with his seventh pick of the season. devin never had one really spectacular game, but our rookie cornerback’s consistency landed him second only to ed reed – tied with troy polamolu and asante s-wait, who? nope, don’t remember him, dead to me –  in interceptions on the year. here he is, celebrating with fellow pro bowler jerod mayo and sticking his tongue out at that dude who sucks in philadelphia.

wes didn’t play this week, but he did show up in the locker room looking super cute in his winter hat. i mean, i would’ve still hearted him anyway and everything…but this definitely helped.

we’re on the bye while the wildcards slug it out this weekend, and we play the second game on sunday the following weekend. that gives anyone whose team is now (or soon will be) golfing plenty of time to jump on our bandwagon and start thinking happy patriots thoughts. the rest of you know how it’s done, but look for the tot(b)w to keep you motivated.

til then, have a great week, and go pats!

love dav