Monday, January 15, 2018


well kids, 

our patriots won their first playoff game of 2018 by whipping the titans soundly, and i have only two words for you: danny amendola. ok, i lied. i have two more: *dreamy sigh*

our fearless quarterback looked a little rusty to start - but still better than he was looking those last few weeks of the regular season. let's hope whatever was causing tommy to throw a season's worth of interceptions per game is well behind him. he wound up 35 of 53 - holy crap that's way too many - with three touchdowns and 337 yards, 112 of which we caught by - you guessed it: danny amendola. *dreamy sigh*

i was pretty happy with the team effort on this one, with everyone right down to ryan allen doing their jobs and doing them well. our defense recorded a record eight sacks - even more impressive since mariota's got some legs - and even stephen gilmore made a few plays that made me not curse his name. lewis rocked as always, gronk gronked, and chris hogan had a few drops, but it was just so nice to see him that he was mostly forgiven...or i was just mostly distracted by danny amendola. danny pulled off his best impression of julian edelman, coming up clutch on third downs and reading tommy's mind to fall down or jump up exactly the right way in exactly the right spot to make exactly the right catch after catch after catch. danny wound up with 11 catches for the aforementioned 112 yards and he's getting this week's tommy, along with an entire week's worth of *dreamy sighs*. frankly, he might get next week's tommy, too.

we play the jaguars on sunday, and i'd be more worried about it if not for the flood of oxygen in my brain from all the dreamy sighing. so, until i've recovered from amendolitis, think your happy patriots thoughts that our defense has enough pride not to let blake bortles rob them of a super bowl appearance - and tommy reminds the jags he taught jimmy g everything he knows.

have a great week, and go pats. *dreamy sigh*

love dav