Monday, September 30, 2013


holy crap kids! the patriots are 4-0!
it was an exciting game down in atlanta on sunday night – and not just because the falcons made a dramatic comeback right at the end of the game that stopped the hearts of patriots fans everywhere. our boys held their own as they continued to improve offensively and perform defensively, passing the first big test in a season with many more to come. exciting indeed!
our fearless quarterback looked both fearless and fantastic on sunday night as he racked up a season high 316 yards and two touchdown passes, still without his two most dangerous weapons. for a one man show, you’ve got some pretty smooth moves, tommy!

in the absence of, well, pretty much everyone, it’s been a thrill to watch solid and steady julian edelman turn into a shining star on the patriots receiving corps. i had all but given the tommy to julian until dad suggested that maybe it should go to tom brady. duh! if anyone earned the totw last night, it was definitely its namesake. even as another receiver staggered off the field with injuries, tommy put up his best performance so far this year – underscored with an astonishing pass threaded between two of atlanta’s probowl defenders into the hands of tight end matthew mulligan...who i didn’t even know was on our team. it kinda makes you think tommy could win passing to anyone. in fact, here he is recruiting a new receiver for next week!

we’re back on sunday morning against the bengals, which i’ll be back on sunday morning with bloody marys. raise your glass and cheer like you mean it, and hopefully we’ll all be this happy next monday, too!
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


hey kids-
i can hardly believe it, but the patriots won AGAIN – and they did it with conviction! it was a blow out against tampa bay – and our patriots are actually starting to look like a football team...which is a big relief, since they are a football team. sometimes i think they forget!
it felt like déjà vu watching our fearless quarterback makin’ it work with his ragtag band of rookies. just three years ago, our tommy was bringing up our rookie tight end tandem  – and now he’s back at it with a brand new batch of  wide receivers. the newbies made great progress on sunday, catching 10 of 25 completions for 93 of 225 yards. somehow all tommy’s frustrated screaming feels totally worth it when pays off with moments like this one. bring on the tommylove!

the first resounding win of the season was a full team effort, and there were a lot of outstanding performances. it was nice to see bolden back to help out our ground game, gostkowski nailed a 53-yard field goal, and the d continued to stand their ground (with ANOTHER pick from talib!), allowing just three points. still, this week’s tommy of the week is going to aaron dobson. after dropping 7 of 10 passes last week, dobson rebounded beautifully to catch 7 of 10 against tampa bay. it’s got to be crazy to be 22 years old standing on the other side of a football thrown by tom brady, and dobson proved he deserves to be there after a shaky start. i may never call him aaron, but i do admire that kind of perseverance – and so does our fearless quarterback. oh yeah – bring on the tommylove! congrats, dobson!

we’re going to need a lot more than tommylove on sunday night in atlanta, even with their 1-2 record. matt ryan is sure to test our defense, and our offense may need more than improving rookies if we’re going continue this awesome winning streak. think your happy, healthy patriots thoughts extra hard this week – we’re going to be on national tv and i don’t want to get embarrassed!
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

Monday, September 16, 2013


hey kids-
well, the patriots won, so i’m going to try not to complain...even though this was maybe the most boring game of football ever played by anyone anywhere.
the most exciting part of this terrible, terrible, terrible game might have been the temper tantrums our fearless quarterback had in between pretty much every play. it has to be super frustrating to watch your rookie receiver drop pass after perfectly-thrown pass for no apparent reason – although oddly-enough, it was hilarious watching the not-so-rookie receiver drop pass after perfectly-thrown pass for no apparent reason in denver on sunday! i know it doesn’t feel like it, but we actually have a better record now than we did this time last year. hang in there tommy. or rail at the heavens. whichever works for you.

while we were watching our offense go three and out over and over and over again, i kept thinking that there was no way our defense could hold the line and win the game – but hold and win they did. the jets offense was spluttering only slightly less than our own, but aqib talib seemed to make it his personal mission to stop every flailing attempt at a drive cold in its tracks. his foot-forced fumble and two fourth quarter interceptions more than earned him this week’s tommy of the week. nice to see you back and healthy this year, talib! why don’t you teach some of the new guys this move?

we’re back in action on sunday morning against tampa bay, and i’m really hoping that some of the patriots who know how to catch the ball turn up for this game. think happy healthy patriots thoughts just to be on the safe side – and aim a few in our fearless quarterback’s direction. i’m a little afraid his head might explode.
have a great week- and GO PATS!

love dav

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


hey kids-
hurray for football!! hurray for winning! and hurray for a brand new season of the tommy of the week! our patriots opened with their 10th consecutive week one victory, and even this ugly win was just sooooo prettttty to watch.
our fearless quarterback led the pretty parade on sunday, and while his stats weren’t particularly spectacular, he was perfect when it mattered. down by one, he went six for six during the final drive of the game to set up stephen gostkowski for the game winning field goal – and the first W of the season. with so many new faces on the field this year, it’s nice to see this old familiar one leading the charge. lookin’ good, tommy!

speaking of looking good, there were several fantastic performances on sunday – from new and old players alike. julian edelman turned into tommy’s go-to guy, catching two touchdown passes, and shane vereen kept us balanced with an amazing 101 yards on the ground. even our defense came up big with two fumble recoveries and an interception, but at the end of the day, the tommy of the week is going to the new guy. i hear there was lots of hand-wringing after we waved bye-bye to butterfingers (though after a season and a summer of douchery, i was pretty happy to see wes go), but watching danny amendola pull down 10 receptions for 104 yards in game one quickly put any fears to rest. i’m not sure my broken heart will ever recover from the devastation of the aaron hernandez situation, but don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of “run, danny, run” coming from this direction. here he is, looking a lot like the player formerly known as wes – back in the days when he used to try.

we have a quick turnaround this week and play the jets on thursday night. i wish our team had a little more experience playing together for this match-up, but i have faith that our patriots hate losing to the jets just as much as i do. think your happy patriots thoughts in full force for the next two days, and i’ll see you back here over the weekend. HURRAY FOOTBALL!
have a great week- and GO PATS!

love dav