Monday, September 16, 2013


hey kids-
well, the patriots won, so i’m going to try not to complain...even though this was maybe the most boring game of football ever played by anyone anywhere.
the most exciting part of this terrible, terrible, terrible game might have been the temper tantrums our fearless quarterback had in between pretty much every play. it has to be super frustrating to watch your rookie receiver drop pass after perfectly-thrown pass for no apparent reason – although oddly-enough, it was hilarious watching the not-so-rookie receiver drop pass after perfectly-thrown pass for no apparent reason in denver on sunday! i know it doesn’t feel like it, but we actually have a better record now than we did this time last year. hang in there tommy. or rail at the heavens. whichever works for you.

while we were watching our offense go three and out over and over and over again, i kept thinking that there was no way our defense could hold the line and win the game – but hold and win they did. the jets offense was spluttering only slightly less than our own, but aqib talib seemed to make it his personal mission to stop every flailing attempt at a drive cold in its tracks. his foot-forced fumble and two fourth quarter interceptions more than earned him this week’s tommy of the week. nice to see you back and healthy this year, talib! why don’t you teach some of the new guys this move?

we’re back in action on sunday morning against tampa bay, and i’m really hoping that some of the patriots who know how to catch the ball turn up for this game. think happy healthy patriots thoughts just to be on the safe side – and aim a few in our fearless quarterback’s direction. i’m a little afraid his head might explode.
have a great week- and GO PATS!

love dav

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