Friday, December 30, 2011


hey kids-
super-late this week, and only getting this done now by tearing myself away from my new puppy (lush) who is snoozin on my leg. i’m sure she’s about to wake up and do something adorable at any moment, so let’s make this one short and sweet.
it was a tale of two halves on sunday- and if you’re a patriots fan, you could’ve pretty much skipped the first one. our pats got outscored 17-0, and it wasn’t pretty. luckily, we’ve evolved into a second half team this year, and things turned around later in the game.  meanwhile, this is the only kind of action our fearless quarterback was seeing for much of quarters one and two. run, tommy, run!

i was a little distracted from how much i heart wes welker this week- til i saw the him in the locker room when some idiot asked, “wes, what’s the significance of the number one seed?” wes looked at him like he was maybe-a-little-slow and explained, “well, you get home field advantage if you win.” lush is cute, but my heart definitely still belongs to wes. dreamy sigh.

while that first half was a wash, our pats came alive after the break, with our fearless quarterback leading the charge. tommy racked up more than 200 yards in the second half, threw for one touchdown, and rushed for two more. if that’s not leadership, competitiveness, and general roguish charm, than i don’t know what is! here he is, showing those defenders the measure of their competition. or something like that.

it’s our final regular season game on sunday, and i can’t think of a better way to start the new year than by watching our pats beat the bills – and maybe watching them break a record or two in the process. think happy patriots thoughts – because i’m busy thinking “all the best in 2012” thoughts for you and yours. happy new year. go patriots!
love dav
ps- i told you she’d wake up and do something adorable!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


hey kids-
what a sunday! beating the broncos is always exciting, since they tend to give us a run for our money, but beating the broncos resoundingly in a seriously-overhyped game that got tons of national attention? it was like christmas came early!
it wasn’t much of a contest between tom and tim – though it started out like it might be when tebow rushed into the end zone for the broncos’ first score. not to be outdone, tommy wound up with a rushing score of his own, along with 320 yards, two touchdowns, and that great big “w,” putting him ahead in the contest on all fronts. to celebrate, our fearless quarterback pulled his own signature end zone move – which is known as “spiking the football.” if “bradying” ever becomes a word, it damned well better mean something more exciting than that.

i know you all know i heart wes welker – but i have to admit, i never thought to put him on my christmas thanks to whomever gave these kids the heads up! think that’s gonna fit under the tree, mom?

with the way gronkowski has been playing, it’s easy to forget hernandez was the favorite of our tight end tandem for much of last season. on sunday, it was easy to remember why: aaron finally shook off that injury and pulled down 129 yards and a touchdown – which earns this week’s tommy of the week. i have the same affection for aaron’s tats as i do for gronk’s abs, so watching him leap up to make one-armed catches like this one was definitely a holiday treat.

we play miami saturday morning this week, and not only do we have a tendency to lose to the dolphins in december, but they’ve been on a tear lately. there’s a decent possibility they’ll be the grinch who stole christmas, so think happy patriots thoughts – or somebody better call those kids to make sure wes winds up under my tree.
merry christmas – and go pats!
love dav

Thursday, December 15, 2011


well kids,
our patriots totally set me up on sunday. when our defense forced a fumble and scored early in the first, the bartender looked at us and said, “this could get ugly fast.” so, i looked at my bar buddy said, “i’ll buy shots every time the redskins score.” for those who didn’t watch, the redskins scored four times in a closer-than-anyone-thought contest. then, when it got tight, my bar buddy bought shots...then there were congratulatory shots....and sympathy shots...and we were two very drunk people at 1pm on a sunday afternoon (damned west coast football!). and then there were the late games!
our fearless quarterback actually looked pretty good, in spite of three dropped touchdown passes and a not-unreasonable interception for which our offensive coordinate quite literally tried to kill him. in spite of the misstep, tommy brady came in at 357 yards and 3 touchdowns, which i thought was perfectly acceptable. i’m feeling a little protective of our fearless quarterback this week, so let’s just look at him in all his quarterback glory and feel better. it works – i promise!

this week's i heart wes welker comes to you straight from the sidelines, where my inside source tells me that, at the start of this game, wes had a league-leading 127 targets and hadn’t dropped a pass all year. for comparison, he lead the league with 11 drops last season. thanks for the scoop, b – and for this awesome pic proving that wes knows how to not-drop a passes! i’d heart ya darlin’, but i already gave it to wes. put in a good word for me next time ya see him!

we all know this week’s tommy is going to gronkowski, but first – a totw honorable mention. when tommy threw his interception, our brand-spanking new OC came after him in a big way (for a presumably bad throw tommy wanted our backup receiver to go after). recognizing o’brien’s inappropriate volatility, brian hoyer quite literally put himself between his and our QB, spreading his arms and using his body to protect tommy. as dad said – defensive play of the game! you may not get much playing time, baldy, but we love ya! nevertheless, the totw goes to rob gronkowski, with yet another consistently spectacular game in which he broke that receiving record for a second time and racked up 160 yards. nice work, twinkle toes!

we play denver on sunday, and i’m tired of the comparisons between a quarterback who (already) will go down in the history books with one who’s barely begun to ink his first chapter. let’s just say denver always plays us hard, and we’re going to need all the happy patriots thoughts we can get. hope you’ve been practicing while i’ve been busy this week. i shouldn’t have to tell you at this point in the season!
happy friday, and gooooo pats.
love dav

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hey kids-
so...i think i missed something on sunday. our patriots racked up a comfortable 31-3 lead against the colts to start the fourth quarter. it was so comfortable, in fact, that coach pulled brady and gave hoyer the reigns. at this point, our crackerjack defense gave up three touchdowns, all of which caused me to roll my eyes, but none of which caused me even the slightest bit of concern. after the game, benchwarmer manning went on and on about how they “almost had it,” which makes me think i was supposed to be taking that comeback effort seriously. oops. definitely missed that memo.
i was none to happy to see our fearless quarterback impersonating the aforementioned benchwarmer in the fourth quarter, and by the looks of his scowls on the sidelines, he felt the same way. after all was said and done and revised, he threw two touchdowns and nearly 300 yards – and i know we were playing the gimpy colts, but i would’ve preferred seven touchdowns and 512 yards. what happened to that magical season when we ran up the score? here’s our tommy, trying to recreate it and harry pottering the ball downfield, probably into the waiting hands of rob gronkowski.

in i heart wes welker news, wes had an awesome game, which i didn’t even know until i looked it up! seriously- what was i doing on sunday? i pretty much always think wes has awesome games, on account of me hearting him and all, but it’s nice when the statistics back me up! the photogs were backing me up this week, too – wes looked super-cute in all his pics. see for yourself!

it’s hard to believe rob gronkowski hasn’t received the totw all year, but i guess that’s the curse of being consistently amazing. gronk was consistently amazing yet again on sunday, catching two touchdown passes and “running” for one that was actually a record-breaking pass, but whatever. that’ll just give him something consistently amazing to accomplish next week. as for this week, he’s officially awarded his first tommy of the week of the season. for anyone keeping score, that’s one totw for rob, one totw for his abs. it’s pretty much neck and neck on which is most likely to get another.

we play the skins early on sunday this week, which makes me a little sad, because my bar buddy is a skins fan – but i’m never gonna complain when rex grossman is on the other side of the football. think happy patriots thoughts so i can be a gracious winner – since we all know i’m a really poor-sport loser and i’m trying to make friends!
have a great week. go pats!

love dav

Thursday, December 1, 2011


hey kids-
i’m creatively uninspired this week and don’t feel like writing this at all. even searching for the perfect i heart wes welker pic didn’t perk me up. maybe i’m getting sick!
our patriots capped off the holiday weekend with a win down in philadelphia in what was a really great game if you happened to be a patriots fan. our fearless quarterback took a little while to warm up, as has been his wont this season, but at least he’s been making the wait worthwhile. he threw three touchdown passes, including two to wes – which they celebrated gracefully by clinking helmets...though i suspect there also may have been some sweet nothings being whispered here.

after all that r&r last week, wes came out like gangbusters, and one of those two touchdown catches was a really pretty perfectly thrown long ball which he trotted right into the endzone. here he is, barely breakin a sweat and making it look as easy as i hope he is. heart ya, wes. call me!

despite wes’ amazing performance, this week’s tommy of the week goes to deion branch. he had fewer catches and no touchdowns, but he came out with more yards, and i really liked the way he wasn’t afraid to take a hit or make a move, instead of ducking out of bounds as he sometimes does. way to go for the gusto – and the goal line, deion. fly like an eagle!

they moved our game on sunday from the late night game to the early game, which makes me happy. i’m already daydreaming about the bloody marys i’ll be enjoying when we take on the winless colts – who are super-pathetic, seeing as how we went 11-5 when our fearless quarterback got hurt! still, i’d really rather not be the first team to lose to the manningless dome pansies, so think happy patriots thoughts and save your olives for me on sunday. i love it when my cocktail includes breakfast!
have a great friday, and go pats!
love dav

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


hey kids-
i’m hosting my very first thanksgiving in my palatial san diego condo, and my little sis is on the plane as we speak - so we’re doing it quick this week. on the plus side, it does burn more calories that way.
our pats took a little while to warm up on sunday since apparently it was freezing in new england, but they eventually put together a solid game and took it to the kansas city chiefs. for some reason, i thought this was an away game, and even the blue jerseys and minutemen on the sidelines couldn’t set me straight. luckily, tommy knew exactly where he was, even if he forgot who he was a couple of times. here’s our fearless quarterback doing his best kevin faulk impersonation, rushing for the first down and giving me heart attack. i’m thankful he didn’t die.

wes was so quite this week that one of my “friends” (you know who you are!) texted midgame to ask if i’d kidnapped him and put him in my basement. as if i’d keep him in the basement! in any case, wes was out there – he was just a little hard to see in the shadow of rob gronkowski. don’t worry, he still leads the nfl in receiving yards – and i still heart him. so does gronk, and i’m thankful wes didn’t get squashed by his affection. 

speaking of gronkpwski, he had another fabulous game and broke some records – but i was more impressed to learn that kyle arrington leads the nfl in interceptions. he had two in this game, and that earns him the tommy of the week. that’s back-to-back defensive recipients, and it’s no coincidence. even if our opponents haven’t been offensive powerhouses, i still like the way this d is improving week by week. congrats, kyle- i’m thankful you’re stepping up – or leaping up, as the case may be. 

we’ve got the eagles on sunday, and while they do have a losing record and vick is out, the nfc east has given us a little trouble so far. i know you’ll be busy with turkey and shopping and all that, but don’t forget to sneak in some happy patriots thoughts! i’m thankful for everybody who reads this every week – and for all the friends with whom it helps me stay connected. that would be you!
happy thanksgiving- and go pats!
love dav

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


we beat the jets! no matter how many times it happens, i never get tired of saying that. we beat the jets! hurray!
it’s my favorite time of year, kids, as the holidays approach, the weather turns colder, and the patriots pull out their doofy hats and start playing the kind of football that gives you chills. it wasn’t quite a spine-tingling performance on sunday night, but it was a heart-warming and dramatic improvement over the last few weeks. our back-to-fearless quarterback looked cool, calm, and collected as he led our team to a resounding victory, reassuring pats fans everywhere – but in san diego specifically. it sure is good to see ya back in november form, tommy. no one pulls off that doofy hat like you do!

abc news did a story about the rise in acl tears among kids yesterday, and as part of it, tommy met one of the kids for whom his own recovery is providing inspiration. wes was standing around in the background – presumably because he tore his acl, too, but deion was also there, so maybe tommy just needed a posse. either way, wes was on the nightly news, and both his mom and i were very, very proud. here’s a photo of the occasion with tommy and the kid cropped out so we can focus on the real highlight! i heart wes enough to say that shirt is very unflattering....but at least his hair looks good.

now that it’s an award worth winning again, everyone was trying to stake their claim on this week’s tommy. rob gronkonwski caught two touchdown passes, rob ninkovich snagged a pick he returned for six – and even ochocinco finally made a respectable catch! nevertheless, this week’s tommy is awarded to andre carter, and the reasons are twofold. firstly, he sacked mark sanchez 4 tmes, which i think may be more sacks than our defense has accrued all season. secondly, this picture makes me happy. congrats andre- that second one might be even harder than the first!

if, like me, you thought playing on sunday night was cruel and unusual punishment, then you’re in for absolute torture this week waiting for our monday night game against the chiefs. matty cassel just had surgery and won’t be playing, which is a bummer, since it’s always fun to see him, so i have high hopes for brady vs. the backup. still, think happy patriots thoughts anyway. you can’t be too careful. 
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

Friday, November 11, 2011


hey kids-
the only way i’m getting through this one is with a bottle of wine and a bag of mnms. let’s do this.
the patriots lost their second game in a row on sunday, and i’ve moved through most of the stages of grief now, finding myself teetering on the brink of another case of patriots dissociative disorder. there are a few things about this losing streak that are decidedly uncharacteristic of our pats – back to back loses, one at home, one after the bye – that have me worrying this might be more than a seasonal up-and-down and that it might not be quite over yet.
last year, we spent mid-season relying on other teams to suck worse then we did until we finally got spanked to our senses by the browns. this season, our strategy seems to be wait til the fourth quarter, then play like patriots, and it’s no less frustrating. in the toss up that is the NFC east, the giants are apparently better than the cowboys, staving off our fourth quarter comeback and our hardly-fearless quarterback. there’s no denying tommy looks skittish, though whether it’s due to a suspect offensive line or his 34 year-old body (i feel that pain, tommy!) is uncertain. what is certain: tommy needs to stop throwing helmets and interceptions and start throwing to people on our team...and i need to stop eating mnms and expecting my jeans to zip. yes, i know getting old sucks, tommy. suck it up.

even though i kind of hate the patriots this week, i heart wes a zillion – and seeing as how he’s practically the only guy on the field salvaging those crappy passes, tommy does too. here he is, showing that love and throwing a block – and probably screaming run, wes, run! i sure was!

there’s no stand out contender for this week’s tommy, so i’m returning it to its namesake until he restores its reputation as an award worth winning. that’s right, tom brady! you sit there and think about what you’ve done! let us know when you’re ready to be a fearless quarterback again.

we play the jets on sunday night, and i’m really worried we might lose – both because we’re playing like crap and because i mocked the jets for losing three in a row earlier this season and karma’s a bitch. i will be, too, if we lose, so think happy patriots thoughts and have a great weekend.
go pats!
love dav

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


well, that was infuriating.
our patriots looked downright pathetic down in pittsburgh, kids, and while i always hate losing, i’m particularly pissed off about this one. i don’t know if it was the porn stars, the Bahamas beaches, or the happy cardinals thoughts, but the stupid patriots looked like they were performing a comedy of errors on sunday, and i’m still not laughing.
the last time tom brady lost to pittsburgh in the regular season, we won the superbowl – but that seems highly unlikely at this point in the season. our defense has a long way to go...and in the meantime, our fearless quarterback needs to get his offense back to firing on all cylinders, instead of, say, bending over and letting the steelers have their way with him.

 every time we play the steelers, they pick a new and unique way to try to kill wes welker. apparently, i heart wes a hell of a lot more than anyone on his actual team does, since they all stood around like jackasses while this steeler tried to tear off his head. c’mon guys! wes’ head is one of my favorite parts!

this was one of those weeks when the tommy was a toss up, so i figured i’d give it to the one guy who leapt up to grab it. gary guyton’s interception in the first half got our team on the scoreboard, helped our spluttering offense stay in the game, and gave me one shining moment to reciprocate the trash talk dished out by the steelers fans who invaded my bar. thanks for bending over backwards in the name of patriots pride, gary! that’s the only kind of bending over we like to see.

we play the giants on sunday, and if we lose, i’m going to cry. i'm totally not one of those girls who looks pretty when she cries- so start thinking your happy patriots thoughts now.
have a better week than i am, and go pats!
love dav

Thursday, October 27, 2011


hey kids-

we made it through the bye week, and i think we all deserve a little reward for our suffering. so, without further ado, in honor of halloween, i proudly present the all eye candy edition of the tommy of the week! ‘cause our pats don’t just win, they look damned good doin it.

i usually try to avoid swooning over tom brady, since it tends to undermine my football credibility, at least til i open my mouth. besides, i’m usually too busy admiring the holy record-breaking, ass-kicking, miracle-working, gaming-winning wonder that is our fearless quarterback to admire his holy hotness. that said, tommy is lookin pretty holy hot these days.  while i can’t say this makes me wanna buy uggs, it does make me wanna head east for my favorite cold-weather past time...which, of course, is watching football and drinkin beer, dad!

in i heart wes welker news, my issues with swooning clearly do not extend to wes. in my defense, he does appear to be egging me on.

speaking of being egged on...our not-so-rookie tight end wound up with a little egg on his face this week. luckily, most of us weren’t looking at his face to notice! the last time i considered giving the tommy of the week to a girl was when gisele had her baby on the team’s day off so tommy didn’t have to miss practice. the porn star who managed to get rob gronkowski to expose this harder side almost snagged it this time–  but ultimately, she lost out to the smokin six pack...of beer, which i’ll be drinking while i watch football on sunday, dad! on a side note, i think i’m finally understanding the merits of twitter.

alright kids – that’s all i’ve got for treats, so let’s hope our patriots are up to their old tricks come sunday. those steelers are scary, no costumes required! think happy patriots thoughts, and have a great week!

go pats!
love dav

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


hey kids-
well, our patriots took all that stress i was expecting last week and saved it up for a heart attack game against the dallas cowboys. i’m not gonna lie- it was ugly, with a slew of turnovers and penalties on both sides, and it came right down to the wire.
luckily, our fearless quarterback is particularly skilled at walking that wire, and with 2:31 left, he went 8 for 9, capped off by a touchdown pass to aaron hernandez with 22 seconds to spare! i should’ve known tommy had it under control, but i spent most of the drive with my forehead planted on the shoulder of a stranger. nothing like a nailbiter to help you make friends! looks like the coaches were slightly alarmed too, but tommy was nothin but focused. here he is, swaggering off to go all john wayne on the cowboys.

every week, wes welker stretches to the tips of his toes for the sake of some amazing play, but rather than show this week’s incredible touchdown extension, i’m gonna mix things up. instead, here’s wes welker stretching to the tips of his toes...for the sake of the kids! or maybe for the sake of looking proportional next to tommy. say what you will, i’m told he’s perfectly-davlynn-sized. – and he’s totally adorable on his tip toes. heart ya wes! call me!

as loathe as i am to reward waiting – literally – until the last minute, i can’t deny tom brady an award that specifically celebrates his leadership, competitiveness and general roguish charm when he leads and competes in a roguishly-charming fashion to win the game. so, in spite of an impressive performance by our defense that kept us in the game and let tommy play the hero, the tommy of the week goes to tom brady. here he is, showing off his most competitive (and roguishly-charming) quarterback expression. bet he practices that in the mirror!

we’re on the bye this sunday, and while i usually offer to think happy thoughts for your not-on-the-bye team, they’ve already been diverted to the st. louis cardinals and julia, who always thinks happy patriots thoughts for me. so, think happy cardinals thoughts – or get a jumpstart on positive vibes for our return against pittsburgh.  don’t worry, i’l remind ya again in the highly-anticipated tommy-of-the-bye, which will appear somewhere around this time next week.
have a great one, and go pats – and cards!
love dav

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


hey kids-
we beat the jets! and in our throwback unis, too, which almost always prove to be unlucky. i'll admit they were an improvement over the stupid pink highlights we had on last week. we get it - the nfl loves boobies. let’s return to our regularly-scheduled uniforms already!
it was a surprisingly low-stress game on sunday that mostly consisted of the jets chasing our patriots all day long – sometimes more effectively than others. they caught up to tommy on quiet a few occasions, which generally resulted in our fearless quarterback landing on his fearless butt. it didn’t seem to phase him much, as he managed 321 yards and a touchdown. our offense line could’ve been a little tighter, but tommy is the slowest man in the nfl. this jet wants to hug him for it! 

there’s an awesome article on espn about the ways in which wes has evolved in the offense this year- from catching longer passes (31% have been for more than 11 yards) to working outside the numbers. it’s pretty impressive – and provides tons of reasons to heart him, if ya need em. watching cromartie and revis chase him around while he picked up 124 yards clinched it for me.  here he is, burning revis on one of those long passes and makin my heart flutter. dreamy sigh.
our defense finally started to come together on sunday, and it was awesome watching them make some consistent stops that weren’t just on the goal line. still, it won’t be any surprise that this week’s tommy goes to benjarvus green-ellis. the boy was a workhorse, with 136 yards and two touchdowns to prove it. nice work, ben! here he is with a whole squadron of jets giving chase - less effectively, in this case.

we’ve got one more game before our early bye- against dallas on sunday afternoon. i’d say mean things about tony romo being about as dumb as tommy is slow, but i *know* jovan was thinkin happy patriots thoughts while the ‘boys were on the bye. however, i’m sure he’s stopped by now - so i hope you’ve started to pick up the slack. have a great week- and go pats!
love dav

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 hey kids-
this week is getting away from me, so i’d better get right to it.
the pats were on my coast this week taking on the raiders on a gorgeous blue-sky afternoon. tommy returned to his old stomping grounds (generally speaking ) and even got a spiffy new haircut to impress the folks back home. for a little while, i was worried he was going to be like samson without his locks, but our fearless quarterback got it together eventually. it wasn’t nearly as impressive a performance as we’ve been seeing, but there also weren’t nearly as many interceptions! here he is, lookin as happy about that as i was.

wes, on the other hand, had another amazing game – and i totally heart him and every single one of his 158 yards and his touchdown. technically speaking,  he’s averaging 152 yards per game this season, which i guess makes this a pretty “average” day at the office...but it sure looked like he was stretching his limits to me. see for yourself!

it wouldn’t be unreasonable to give the tommy to wes again this week – or to wilfork, who, with his second pick of the season, now leads the team in interceptions. it was also pretty exciting to see ochocinco learning the routes and making some plays. still, the patriots apparently stressed balance between the running and passing games this week, and stevan ridley was a big part of making that happen. in spite of getting shut down early, our rookie running back showed perseverance (a key totw award-winning quality!) and racked up a total 100 yards and one touchdown – which earns him the tommy of the week. congrats, kiddo!  if that look on your face is any indication, this is just the beginning.

the pats are back where they belong on sunday, in foxborough, to take on the jets. the jets have lost their last two games, and it would be pretty sweet to watch them crash and burn with a three-game skid. i hope you haven’t waited til now to start thinking your happy patriots thoughts - cuz we’re going to need em!
soooooo- think lots of happy patriots thoughts, cross your fingers, knock on wood, do some shots (they’re lucky, i swear!), have a great week and GO PATS!
love dav

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


stupid tom brady.

it was a crappy game in buffalo, kids, and the bills handed the patriots their first loss of the season. i suppose when your quarterback throws four interceptions, you can’t reasonably expect to win a game...and someone might want to point that out to all the commentators who are now squawking that the bills are for real. seriously? he had four picks and they won by the skin of 
their teeth. whatever.

if we were going to lose a game (and we probably were), then having our fearless quarterback throw three picks (and one deflection – which should so not be counted as an interception!) is the way to do it. at least this way, everyone shrugs and says- eh, brady had a bad day, and no one stresses that the pats are in serious trouble. besides, tommy did throw for 387 yards and four touchdowns, so it wasn’t like he sucked completely. nevertheless,  i hate bad days, i hate interceptions, and i hate losing! at least tommy hates all those things just as much as i do.

i wasn’t the only one hearting wes welker this week. it was my first game here in san diego, and while i was sporting my aWESome 83 t-shirt, nearly every single pats fan in the bar was wearing a welker jersey. hurray san diego pats fans! still, nobody wears it quite like wes. dreamy sigh.

if the sight of wes in his jersey doesn’t do it for ya, then the performance of wes in his jersey this week certainly should have. it’s as if he decided he was going to singlehandedly win this game – and he damned near pulled it off. he racked up a patriots-record 217 yards (and two touchdowns) is week, along with this week’s tommy. it’s unreasonable for you to carry the team on your back, wes, but we sure appreciate the effort!

the pats play in oakland on sunday, and it’ll be comforting to know the boys are on my coast this week. don’t worry, i’ll return ‘em to you safe and sound – and hopefully with a win under their belts. send your happy patriots thoughts a little early since they’re travelling cross-country, and i’ll catch ya next week.

have a great one– and GO PATS!

love dav

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


hey kids-
coming to you live from san diego, it’s this week’s edition of the totw! it was a thriller against the chargers last weekend, and while the score reflects a handy victory, it felt a lot closer than this throughout the game. as always, the chargers played us evenly and lost only due to a series of ridiculous turnovers that you’d think were just bad luck if they didn’t happen every single time we play.
our fearless quarterback is en fuego, as they say here in socal, and is on track to blow his 2007 season out of the water. he was 31/40 for 423 yards this week and has already racked up almost 950 yards in just two games (in contrast, he didn’t hit 950 yards til game five last year and game four in 2007). while it would be insane if he kept this up, it’s still shaping up to be a really fun season. he’s so competitive, he’s even started staring down his helmet! like the rest of us, i suspect it was duly impressed.

in i heart wes welker news- i heart him just as much in san diego as i did in san francisco-  just in case anyone was worried about that. like miami, san diego can’t believe they ever let him get away, and they just can’t keep their hands off him. can’t say i blame ya, san diego – i’d be all over that.
for once, this week’s tommy was a super-easy selection. not only did vince wilfork get his first career interception, but he also cracked me up as he hauled  his 325 pounds down the field for a 28 yard return- not even for one second considering running out of bounds or sliding out after the pick. check him out, hustling down the field like the self-proclaimed well-conditioned athlete he is – unlikely to be outrun by the boys in my bar, in spite of their delusions. run, vince, run!
this weekend’s matchup is against the buffalo bills in one of just four early games we play this year. definitely one of the early season shockers, the bills are 2-0 and look pretty terrific, albeit against somewhat suspect opponents. still, it could be a battle- so think happy patriots thoughts for my first patriots game back in my “home” town- and i’ll try catch ya a little sooner next week, now that i’m all settled and sundrenched.
have a great one, and go pats!

love dav

Thursday, September 15, 2011


hey kids-
welcome back for the sixth season of the tommy of the week! for the second time in three years, our patriots opened the season on monday night football – and all that off-season drama didn’t seem to have affected them one bit. not only did they win in resounding fashion, but they broke a bunch of records in the process. hurray football!
our fearless quarterback picked up right where he left off last season (ignoring that heart-wrenching playoff misstep) and threw for a whopping 517 yards – the most in patriots history and the fifth most in nfl history. he also completed his 3000th career pass, and it was pretty exciting to see him looking so laser sharp so early on. here he is, very discreetly letting his receiver know which way he was about to throw the ball. even then, miami couldn’t stop him. welcome back, tommy – let’s hope you’re ready to finish the season as well as you started it! 

wes wasn’t about to let tommy have all the fun, and after a bit of a butterfingers start, he also got in on the record-setting action. after a(nother) awesome goal line stand by our defense, tommy lobbed a short pass out of the endzone, and wes took it and sprinted 99 yards down the field for a touchdown. it’s only the 12th 99-yard touchdown pass in history – and the first for the patriots. he here is, one of many people kicking miami in the head for letting him get away – again. heart ya wes! what’d i tell ya? same bat time, same bat channel.
the tommy was a tough decision this week, since there were a lot of exemplary performances. woodhead rocked it out, our sophomore tight ends took turns scaring the hell of the afc east (and presumably the rest of the nfl), and mccourty had a quiet but fantastic game, showing up on almost every play. still- it’s the tommy of the week, and if 500+ passing yards doesn’t earn you your nakesake award, i’m not sure what does. so, the first tommy of the week of the season goes to tom brady. i’m lovin the focus tommy. let the boys celebrate – but you keep your eyes on the prize.

we play san diego in a late game this week – and i think it’s nice symmetry, since i’m moving to san diego on tuesday. more likely, it’s serendipity that i won’t be there to make enemies on my very first week in town. not like you need an excuse, but think happy patriots thoughts – since it’ll be a lot easier to don my pats gear next sunday if we win!
have a great week – and go pats! 
love dav

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


hey kids-

i’m sure you know by now that the patriots lost to the jets in the playoffs. it’s not that i was particularly torn up about it, i just don’t really have anything to say. it was a long, painful season, and dashed hopes just when i was starting to believe feels like a fitting end to it. aside from the fact that i hate losing, i superhate the jets, and i supersuperhate losing to the jets, i’m kind of glad it’s over.

our fearless quarterback looked nothing like the tommy brady we know and love – and by whom we’d gotten so spoiled in those last several games of the regular season. he threw an interception in the first quarter and never really seemed to recover...and it was all downhill from there. you know it’s bad when he and wes can’t even look at each other!

tommy wasn’t the only one who didn’t show up for this game. our force-the-turnover defense didn’t manage a single big play when they needed one most, and our o-line seemed to have made some kind of inside wager on how many times tommy’d wind up on his butt. it was enough to make a pats fan hang his head in shame! here’s our quarterback, showing us how it’s done, and for that, he gets the final tommy of the week of the 2010 season. how bout a demo of a super bowl celebration next year, tommy?

wes is turning 30 in the off-season, and the rumblings have begun that when his contract ends next year, the patriots may trade him in for a younger model. i, however, have no such plans - even with all those tight ends running about. heart ya next year, wes! same bat-time, same bat-channel.

this is the point at which i usually start the countdown to preseason- but this year, the future is uncertain on all fronts. if there’s no labor agreement for the nfl, our patriots may be forced to take to boston commons for flag football, and if there’s no labor agreement for dav, you may well find me there, too, cheering them on! but rest assured, if there are patriots games, there will be tommies of the week- and i heart wes welkers to go right along with em. so think happy patriots thoughts and happy bargaining agreement thoughts, and let’s be optimistic (check it out, mom!) and say- see ya september!

love dav