Thursday, December 15, 2011


well kids,
our patriots totally set me up on sunday. when our defense forced a fumble and scored early in the first, the bartender looked at us and said, “this could get ugly fast.” so, i looked at my bar buddy said, “i’ll buy shots every time the redskins score.” for those who didn’t watch, the redskins scored four times in a closer-than-anyone-thought contest. then, when it got tight, my bar buddy bought shots...then there were congratulatory shots....and sympathy shots...and we were two very drunk people at 1pm on a sunday afternoon (damned west coast football!). and then there were the late games!
our fearless quarterback actually looked pretty good, in spite of three dropped touchdown passes and a not-unreasonable interception for which our offensive coordinate quite literally tried to kill him. in spite of the misstep, tommy brady came in at 357 yards and 3 touchdowns, which i thought was perfectly acceptable. i’m feeling a little protective of our fearless quarterback this week, so let’s just look at him in all his quarterback glory and feel better. it works – i promise!

this week's i heart wes welker comes to you straight from the sidelines, where my inside source tells me that, at the start of this game, wes had a league-leading 127 targets and hadn’t dropped a pass all year. for comparison, he lead the league with 11 drops last season. thanks for the scoop, b – and for this awesome pic proving that wes knows how to not-drop a passes! i’d heart ya darlin’, but i already gave it to wes. put in a good word for me next time ya see him!

we all know this week’s tommy is going to gronkowski, but first – a totw honorable mention. when tommy threw his interception, our brand-spanking new OC came after him in a big way (for a presumably bad throw tommy wanted our backup receiver to go after). recognizing o’brien’s inappropriate volatility, brian hoyer quite literally put himself between his and our QB, spreading his arms and using his body to protect tommy. as dad said – defensive play of the game! you may not get much playing time, baldy, but we love ya! nevertheless, the totw goes to rob gronkowski, with yet another consistently spectacular game in which he broke that receiving record for a second time and racked up 160 yards. nice work, twinkle toes!

we play denver on sunday, and i’m tired of the comparisons between a quarterback who (already) will go down in the history books with one who’s barely begun to ink his first chapter. let’s just say denver always plays us hard, and we’re going to need all the happy patriots thoughts we can get. hope you’ve been practicing while i’ve been busy this week. i shouldn’t have to tell you at this point in the season!
happy friday, and gooooo pats.
love dav

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