Friday, November 9, 2018


well kids,

the patriots beat the green bay packers, and while it was a pretty exciting game, i don't have that much to say about it - other than yay, which goes without saying.

our fearless quarterback went backward in his quest to break one thousand rushing yards but forward in his quest to break six million passing yards, so it was okay. he wound up 22 of 35 for 294 yards and one touchdown, so he's definitely getting closer! i'm excited about it, too, tommy.

i wasn't completely sure we were going to win this game, which was my folly since we usually play some pretty freaking awesome football in november. this was no exception, and our patriots pulled out all the stops with some fun trick plays and big defensive stands. i'm especially excited that josh gordon had another game receiving over 100 yards (130, to be exact), which is the 12th of his career and his second in new england in just six weeks with the team. josh probably deserves the totw the most, but he just got one, so i'm giving this one to jules. when you play in a game with tom brady and aaron rodgers and you walk away with the best passer rating of the night, you should get some kind of award. this one's for you, jules! p.s. - please shave.

we play tennessee on sunday morning, reuniting with our old friends mike vrabel and malcolm butler - though we might feel friendlier towards malcolm than he does toward us. think your happy patriots thoughts he doesn't pick this game to start living up to his contract and we get one more W under our belts before the bye!

have a great week, and go pats.

love dav

Friday, November 2, 2018


hey kids-

if thursday night football has taught us anything, it's that divisional games can be super boring - so why they chose to put bills pats on monday night football is beyond my comprehension. this game was so boring, i actually forgot to write the totw.

our fearless quarterback went 29 of 45 for 324 yards - which seems like a lot of passes and a lot of yards, especially since none of those passes was a touchdown. whatever. they all looked exactly this pretty, and we won on the road, so we'll take it. 

the score makes it seem like the patriots ran away with this game - and i guess devin mccourty literally did with his 84 yard interception return, but it wasn't until pretty late in the game. we'll go ahead and give him the totw since this was our first defensive score since 2015. kind of a dubious honor, i guess, but congrats anyway, devin. i do love it when our defense scores...even if it only happens every three years.

we play the packers on sunday night, and i know i'm really going to regret blasting this game for being boring since next week is probably going to give me a heart attack. think your happy patriots thoughts that tommy proves aaron rodgers right as the better qb - and that i don't die in the process. actually- we should probably hope for nobody to die in the process - so let's go with that.

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav