Thursday, October 24, 2013


hey kids-

well, our patriots lost to the jets, and i’m really &#%!ng mad about it. blah blah blah, weird call, blah blah blah new rule, blah blah blah wtf. our patriots had lots of opportunities to win this game long before overtime and the stupid bizarrely-named unsportsmanlike conduct call, but they played like CRAP. i’m getting really sick of it.

our fearless quarterback led the crappy charge, going just 22 of 46 with another freaking interception. i know they’re not always his fault, but seriously boys! you’re &#%!ng killin me. tommy threw for what’s become a season average 228 yards – most of them to a finally-back-in-action rob gronkowski. in spite of the respectable stats, gronk was definitely a little rusty – highlighted by a fourth quarter drop that would have clinched the game. tommy was as annoyed as i was, seeing as how we’ve both been waiting FOREVER for gronk to get his &#%!ng abs on the field. c’mon boys. you know you’re getting back together. hug it out and let’s play some &#%!ng football!

i had a really hard time picking this week’s totw since i pretty much hate all patriots everywhere (but mostly the ones in foxborough) this week. i almost gave it to our new punter who’s been working really hard to make me learn his name after he usurped zoltan mesko, and i almost gave it to stephen gostkowski – who nailed two more field goals and is the only consistent point-earned on our team. however, at the end of the day, the tommy of the week goes to another rookie defenseman. newbie logan ryan followed in the footsteps of the injured talib and leapt right up to grab the first defensive points of the season. i wasn’t happy the D let the jets score 30 points, but another big play from another new guy whose name i had to look up on the internet definitely helped to make up for it. congrats, logan. we all know your name now.

we play a desperate miami on sunday morning – and i’m starting to feel a little desperate about this season myself. my only consolation is that only one of the last five super bowl winners had a better record than 10-6. let’s hope our patriots come together at the right time, and let’s hope it happens in new england on sunday! otherwise, there’s going to be a lot more &#% appearing in next week’s tommy.

i know many of you are distracted by the red sox, but you need to focus! think your happy patriots thoughts, and have a great week.

go pats!

love dav

Thursday, October 17, 2013


hey kids-
rumors of tom brady’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.
the patriots rebounded beautifully after last week, not only winning – but doing so in thrillingly dramatic fashion!  it was a wild and rowdy game on sunday, made all the better by my wild and rowdy friends in new york. our fearless quarterback is still throwing more passes than should be necessary to accumulate 269 yards, but he’s finding ways to make it work with an offense that’s maybe starting to come together. even drew brees was impressed!

i heard it said often this week that the patriots won another game that they didn’t deserve, but i strongly disagree. our offense sent us into the locker room with a lead, and our defense kept the NFL’s most productive receiver catchless and stopped drew brees from being drew brees all day long. tom brady is hardly ever tom brady this season, and the saints defense couldn’t even stop him from being tom brady for 75 seconds! it took everything from ridley’s two ground scores to gostkowski’s 54 yarder to keep this game within reach, but when time ticked down to 1:13, this was the tom brady show. with his trademark leadership, competitiveness and general roguish charm, tommy stayed cool and stepped up and reminded us all that he’s still got a little magic left in those fingertips. for that (and for saving my new york vacation!) he gets this week’s totw. damn, tommy. that was something else.

we take on the jets next week, and after putting up with all those stupid jets fans all sunday long, i’m hoping for a blowout (though we all know i’d happily take a win any way we can get one)! i’m also realllllly hoping this one isn’t as boring as our last jets matchup. think your happy patriots thoughts for A and C, and have a great week!
go pats!

love dav


hey kids-
well, the patriots finally earned their first loss of the season, and boy oh boy did they earn it. i’m actually a lot less upset about the loss than i am that they played in what was maybe the most boring game of football ever played by anyone anywhere for the second time this season.
our offense could never get in sync during this game, and our fearless quarterback definitely shoulders his fair share of the blame. even our experienced receivers would’ve had trouble catching some of these passes. tommy only needed to pass for touchdowns in the next three games to break the consecutive touchdown record, but he had a hard enough time just holding on to the ball in this game, much less getting anyone else to catch it. don’t worry tommy. there are plenty more seasons left to break that record!

the only reason this game looks like it was remotely close is because our defense kept the score from spiraling out of control in an utter embarrassment of a loss. turns out rookie chris jones – who had only played in one game prior to this one, sacked andy dalton one and half times, and for that, he gets the tommy of the week. if things keep going the way they are, we’re going to need big performances from our defense, and this rookie proved he’s ready. way to be a patriot, chris! welcome to the team!

this totw is absurdly late because i was in new york, so we already played our next game – which was versus the saints. without spoiling too much, i’m happy to see you alllll practiced your happy patriots thoughts without my prompting. we needed them!
hope you had a great week- and go pats!
love dav