Tuesday, November 30, 2010


hey kids-
hurray for thanksgiving! hurray for patriots blowouts! hurray for getting slizzered – and learning the word slizzered! and hip, hip, hurray for awesome casino bars in biloxi full of patriots fans decked out in game day gear – including yours truly, decked out in patriots beads expressly from new orleans.
the pats started thanksgiving morning a little unsteadily (as did i!), and the lions took a surprising lead into the locker room. luckily, games have two halves, and the pats came out to score five touchdowns in two quarters – saving thanksgiving for patriots fans everywhere, but in biloxi particularly. our patriots certainly seem to be hitting their stride, and as you can see here, so is our tommy brady. looks like he finally decided to face forward and start leading that team of his. 
it’s hard to believe we’ve gotten all the way to week twelve without our fearless quarterback winning his namesake award once. i think he may have been a little disgruntled about that, because he put on a performance that demanded this week’s tommy, throwing for 341 yards and four touchdowns and earning a perfect quarterback rating for the second time in his career. i’m not exactly sure what he’s been doing to get that tongue of his back in shape, but i am pretty sure i’m not the only girl telling him to keep on doing it.
wes caught two touchdown passes in this blowout bonanza, and there were plenty of pictures of him diving into the end zone...but sometimes i just like to look at his pretty blue eyes and reflect upon how much i heart him. look. reflect. heart.
we play the stupidfreaking jets on monday night and it’s been so overhyped, even i’m sick of it already. while the jets do have the same record we have (9-2), only one player this season has earned a perfect quarterback rating, and his name isn’t sanchez. it’ll take another complete effort by the boys to win this one, but they’ve been making winning look completely effortless lately, and i like our odds. still – let’s not leave it to chance. think extra happy patriots thoughts- and have a great week!
love dav

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


oh my god we beat the colts!!!!!!

it was a live one this week, kids, and as always, the annual pats-colts matchup lived up to the hype. it came down to the wire, but for the second week in a row, our patriots put together a full 60 minutes of football and looked like the 8-2 team they are.

also for the second week in a row, our fearless quarterback looked like, well, a fearless quarterback. tommy went 19 for 25, with two touchdowns, earning a victory that tied him with favre for the most consecutive at-home wins. in spite of missed practices and rumors of an injured foot, he’s definitely back in fighting form. in fact, tommy was so laser sharp, even i could have caught this pass. put me in, coach!

this week’s tommy was a tough decision. every single player stepped up, fighting for extra yards, tipping passes, and making big plays when it counted. i almost gave it to james sanders for intercepting manning on what was most likely a game-tying drive, but three players intercepted ol’ peyton, and they can’t all get it. so, while our defense gets honorable mention, the tommy of the week is awarded to danny woodhead. the wes welker of running backs, he’s been workin’ his small stature for some big plays lately – and while he did score a touchdown, it was the block he threw on special teams that clinched it. congrats woody – take a bow!

spiking the ball in triumph is our team’s new signature move, and as you can see, wes took his turn this week. i’m not sure if he’s excited about fighting his way into the end zone or if he’s just super happy there’s finally someone on the team smaller than he is. either way – i totally heart him!

short week this week, as the pat give us all a reason to be thankful with a game against detroit thanksgiving morning. i’ll probably reserve the tommy for early next week, partly to save you from withdrawal, since it’ll be a full 11 days til our monday night showdown with the jets, and partly because i’m flying to new orleans tomorrow and will most likely be drunk (and earning beads!) for the next five days. just kidding, dad!

have an awesome thanksgiving, and eat some turkey for me. go patriots!

love dav

Monday, November 15, 2010


wooo hooo! it may have been painful, but i told you that embarrassment by the cleveland browns would turn out to be a good thing. the patriots finally showed up this week, beating the pittsburgh steelers in convincing fashion and reminding us all that it’s much more fun to be the ass-whoopers than the ass-whoopees...unless you’re in to that sort of thing.

our fearless quarterback looked like his tom-terrific self again, throwing three touchdown passes and then sneaking one into the end zone for good measure. tommy was particularly fired up during this game, and a feisty sideline screaming tantrum was only the beginning. after the sneak, he graciously thanked the pittsburgh crowd for their support and then spiked the ball in triumph, exhibiting the leadership, competitiveness and general roguish charm we know and love – and have missed so dearly. you might be a little too excited there tommy – but i am glad to see winning still turns you on.

i wish i could take some of the performances from last night and save them for one of those games when no one steps up – although i’m hoping those games are now behind us. benjarvus green-ellis continued to prove himself a reliable workhorse, and our defense sacked BIG ben five times, but rob gronkowski is the obvious winner of this week’s tommy. after several mistakes last sunday, he rebounded to become the first patriot rookie to have three touchdown receptions in one game, one-upping aaron hernandez and his two grabs against the browns. that’s 5TD receptions by our rookie tight ends in two weeks – and back-to-back rookie totw award-winners. here’s hopin’ the future looks as good as these boys do.

in i heart wes welker news, i do. but there’s no reason to make a whole big thing out of it or anything.

colts this weekend – and i’ll be inconsolable if we lose to stupid peyton manning and his super-annoying team of dome-pansies. think extra-happy patriots thoughts, or be prepared to come buy shots. have a great week – and GO PATS!!

love dav

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


well kids,
the patriots got spanked by the cleveland browns, and boy oh boy, did they ever deserve it. hopefully this will be the wake-up call we needed to realize we can’t rely on the other team to suck worse than we do every week.
our quarterback looked downright pathetic and had only himself to blame. maybe there’s some weird funk that comes on right after you turn 33, because tommy looks like he’s as out of sorts as i’ve been lately. here he is, in a position with which i’m very familiar, pondering just how it happened that he got bested by a rookie. i feel your pain, tommy.
speaking of rookies, aaron hernandez continues to shine, and he had several spectacular catches that made tommy’s stats look better than they actually were. he also became the first rookie since 1983 to have two touchdown receptions in one game, which definitely merits a tommy of the week. congrats, aaron! i almost wish wes hadn’t shaved after all.
wes actually gave me yet another reason to heart him this week, kicking a field goal in the place of injured stephen gostokowski, it certainly wasn’t pretty, but it went through the posts, and that’s all that matters. after watching his passing skills in practice last year, i vote we put him in for tommy if things don’t get better soon- although wes of the week doesn’t really have the same ring to it.
we’re in for a tough stretch over the next month, starting with pittsburgh this week. let’s hope the boys salvage some of that patriots pride and pull out a couple of actually hard-earned victories- although i’ll be happy enough if ryan clark doesn’t kill wes welker or anybody else. those steelers are scary! think happy patriots thoughts, and have a great week.
love dav

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


hey kids-
i’m totally not feeling it this week, and i’m a little worried my patriots dissociative disorder is back. at 6-1, the pats have the best record in the nfl, and i should definitely be happier about that than i am. i’m not sure if this team really isn’t very much fun to watch or if i’m just not having very much fun watching them – cast your vote on the blog! – but it feels like we’re too terrible for such a good record. something just isn’t clicking this season. 
this week’s game was a case in point. the vikings dominated the clock for much of the game, and while the patriots presented a fairly balanced offense that was refreshing to see, our defense looked very much like the #25 defense they are. to make matters worse, tommy had yet another mediocre showing, and i know i swore i’d never take a game in which he played for granted, but this is getting old.  this shot of him cheering on benjarvus green-ellis (who totally rocked!) from the background is both endearing and disturbingly accurate. c’mon tommy – get in focus!
there were a few highlights this week, and the performance of brandon tate was most definitely one of them. with randy’s departure, tate was given the chance to become tommy’s new deep threat – and he grabbed it, literally. not only did he pull down the longest reception of the season, but he also made a spectacular catch that should’ve been picked but bounced off the defender. tate bobbled it for several seconds before securing both the ball and this week’s tommy of the week. here he is, mid-bobble, showing randy moss how it’s done. hurray, brandon tate!
there was, however, one highlight that was more notable this week: wes shaved! after my threated fling with our new tight end, wes abandoned his mountain-man beard, reminding me why i heart him. in turn, i’m reminding you why i heart him. look at that face! 
we’re visiting cleveland and our old friend ben watson this sunday. hopefully, seeing ben won’t be the highlight of next week’s game. think happy patriots thoughts – and happy dav thoughts, too, if you want a more entertaining tommy next week.
go pats!
love dav