Monday, November 15, 2010


wooo hooo! it may have been painful, but i told you that embarrassment by the cleveland browns would turn out to be a good thing. the patriots finally showed up this week, beating the pittsburgh steelers in convincing fashion and reminding us all that it’s much more fun to be the ass-whoopers than the ass-whoopees...unless you’re in to that sort of thing.

our fearless quarterback looked like his tom-terrific self again, throwing three touchdown passes and then sneaking one into the end zone for good measure. tommy was particularly fired up during this game, and a feisty sideline screaming tantrum was only the beginning. after the sneak, he graciously thanked the pittsburgh crowd for their support and then spiked the ball in triumph, exhibiting the leadership, competitiveness and general roguish charm we know and love – and have missed so dearly. you might be a little too excited there tommy – but i am glad to see winning still turns you on.

i wish i could take some of the performances from last night and save them for one of those games when no one steps up – although i’m hoping those games are now behind us. benjarvus green-ellis continued to prove himself a reliable workhorse, and our defense sacked BIG ben five times, but rob gronkowski is the obvious winner of this week’s tommy. after several mistakes last sunday, he rebounded to become the first patriot rookie to have three touchdown receptions in one game, one-upping aaron hernandez and his two grabs against the browns. that’s 5TD receptions by our rookie tight ends in two weeks – and back-to-back rookie totw award-winners. here’s hopin’ the future looks as good as these boys do.

in i heart wes welker news, i do. but there’s no reason to make a whole big thing out of it or anything.

colts this weekend – and i’ll be inconsolable if we lose to stupid peyton manning and his super-annoying team of dome-pansies. think extra-happy patriots thoughts, or be prepared to come buy shots. have a great week – and GO PATS!!

love dav

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