Tuesday, October 26, 2010


boooooooo!  sadly i’m not practicing for halloween, this is just the least happy i’ve ever been with the patriots after they’ve won. after a game like this, how we got to 5-1 is beyond my comprehension.
it’s always tough playing in san diego...just ask the chargers! the bolts had a bad day, turning over the ball four times, but the patriots just couldn’t generate any offense. our defense didn’t fare much better, and only the chargers themselves stopped their fourth quarter comeback with another penalty. our fearless quarterback nosed a ton of passes and never really got into rhythm, and not even his beloved branch could help. i know you’re reunited and it feels so good, tommy, but maybe you should turn around and start leading that team of yours.
i’m tempted to give this week’s tommy to the chargers, since they’re mostly responsible for our victory. stephen gostkowski also deserves it for nailing all three field goal attempts, but i can’t give it to the kicker every week. instead, for the first time ever, the tommy of the week is co-awarded – to james sanders and rob ninkovich. i can’t say either exemplified the leadership, competitiveness or general roguish charm of tom brady – but then again, neither did tom brady. however, both guys recovered live balls the chargers left for dead, returning them for valuable yardage on which our offense failed to convert. it’s kind of sad when simply knowing the rules earns a tommy, but there it is. congrats, guys!
i still heart wes welker, but even he couldn’t escape my irritation this week. his sexy scruff has turned into a full-on mountain man beard, and it looks stupid! we’re not the steelers, wes! i’m thinking about having a fling with aaron hernandez until he shaves- so stay tuned...there might be tats and smolderingness next week. apparently this charger dude still finds wes pretty sexy though. run, wes, run!!!!
we face our old friend randy moss this week- and with or without brett favre, the vikings will be tough to beat if we play anything like we did this week. luckily, the guys are bringing candy to the bar (right, guys?), so i know there will be treats...and hopefully the patriots will have a few tricks up their sleeves. have a great week- and GO PATS!
love dav

Monday, October 18, 2010


hey kids-
you can't blame the baltimore ravens for hating the patriots. every year, it looks like they're going to beat us, and every year, we snatch the victory from their hands right at the last second. sunday was no exception, with the patriots mounting a fourth quarter comeback that spilled into overtime for yet another improbable win. sucks to be a raven.
some might say it was the adjustment of losing moss that had tommy playing so unevenly for much of this game, while others might argue his man-crush on branch had him all off-balance. still, our fearless quarterback came through when the game was on the line, and he even managed to offer his opponents some friendly advice - about supermodels, according to this raven tackler. that explains why he was too distracted to make the sack, allowing a 30 yard completion...that set up a field goal...that led to overtime...that resulted in a patriots win. ironically, tommy's advice: supermodels like winners. 
branch turned in a respectable performance in his first game back, but i don't award tommies for respectability. just ask randy moss! instead, i'm giving this week's tommy to stephen gostkowski. our usually-perfect kicker has had some surprising misses this season, but he proved himself to be golden under pressure, nailing his first-ever overtime kick to win his first-ever tommy. look - you can literally see this victory slipping through the fingers of that jumping raven. nicely done, stephen. congrats!
in i heart wes welker news, wes has gone scruffy for the fall, and it warms my... um, let's go with heart. my dad reads this. i heart scruff in general, and wes scruffs up very, very well. "heart" ya, wes.
we play the chargers on sunday, and while they've looked terrible this season, they hate the patriots just as much as the ravens do. could be a tough one- but could also be a blowout. either way, it's an afternoon game, so i'll be tipsy! think happy patriots thoughts, and have a great week.
love dav

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


hey kids-
well, the bye week turned out to be the bye-bye week, as the patriots traded randy moss to the minnesota vikings. while the writing has been on the wall since randy used a postgame press conference to complain about his contract situation a few weeks ago, i'm still sad to see him go. i'll never forget standing in the middle of brother jimmys on a cold december night, a lone patriots fan amidst a sea of giant bandwagoners, watching randy catch tommy's 50th touchdown pass of the season and securing that sweet 16th win. whatever may have gone down in the last few weeks, there's no denying that randy put on quite a show in the last few years. here he is, looking a little sad as he tommy wave goodbye. thanks for the memories, randy.
speaking of memories, the patriots also welcomed back a familiar face this week, trading a draft pick to seattle to secure the return of deion branch. branch was the MVP of that superbowl against the eagles, but he hasn't been healthy or productive since becoming a seahawk. hopefully that'll change now that he's got his best buddy on the other side of the ball again. these two are reportedly thrilled to be reunited, and by the looks of this photo, that may be an understatement. welcome home, deion- but don't think for a second you're wearing #83.
thankfully, wes is definitely keeping deion's signature number - and he may even be keeping randy's signature move. both players joined the patriots in 2007, and aside from missing a good friend, wes will probably also miss the double coverage randy attracted. somehow, i suspect he'll find new ways in which to get open- providing me with new ways in which to heart him.
we play the ravens on sunday, and it should be even more of a grudge match than usual after that whoopin they gave us in the playoffs. the ravens always always whine about bad calls when they play the patriots, so watch closely and then i'll put it up for a vote on the blog page next week. in the meantime, think happy patriots thoughts, and have a great week!
love dav

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


hey kids-
HOLY PATRIOTS! i'm still a little in shock over this one. it seems like every year (excepting that 2007 season), the patriots lose to miami in miami. it's just one of those givens, so you've gotta love that tom brady's 100th career win happened in a stadium where winning has been such a challenge for him. in fact, he actually didn't have much to do with this victory, as he spent most of it on the sidelines watching our defense and special teams go to town in a rout road win. it was pretty fun to watch - and tommy deserved his front row seat.
our fearless quarterback scored just one touchdown in his 100th victory, and he didn't seem to mind one little bit. tommy took only 131 games (the fewest of any quarterback in the modern era) to reach 100 career wins, and he was pretty excited about this victory. there were lots of pictures of fist pumps and screaming, but i like this one of tommy squeezing the living daylights out of vince wilfork. look how happy he is to hug someone with a little meat on their bones!
while watching the game, i thought this week's tommy winner was a no-brainer. rob ninkovich had two interceptions and a sack- and the only player to accomplish that last season wound up winning "defensive player of the year." it's kinda sad for rob that his stellar performance came on the same night that pat chung blocked two kicks and pulled down a pick of his own, which he ran back for a touchdown. I agonized, but chung's plays resulted in more points- including some that he scored- so he gets this week's tommy. he here is in action, blocking one of those kicks. not to take anything away from pat, but the kicker was probably blinded by those obnoxiously pink gloves.
speaking of obnoxiously pink, wes showed his extra-special appreciation for boobies by not only donning the gloves,  but also slipping on two very obnoxiously pink bicep bracelets. tommy's haircut doesn't really approve, but the pink towel hanging out of his pants hearts wes as much as i do.
we're on the bye this weekend, so if you want me to cheer for your team on sunday, this is your golden opportunity! jovan is the only one who ever plays this game- so in all likelihood, i'll be a tony romo fan this weekend. (and no, i can't believe i just put that in writing.) if you have any objections- speak now, and i'll put it up for a vote on the blog page. either way, there will a tommy-of-the-bye-week, so stay tuned, and store up your happy patriots thoughts for our return against the ravens in two weeks.
have a great week kids!
love dav