Monday, October 18, 2010


hey kids-
you can't blame the baltimore ravens for hating the patriots. every year, it looks like they're going to beat us, and every year, we snatch the victory from their hands right at the last second. sunday was no exception, with the patriots mounting a fourth quarter comeback that spilled into overtime for yet another improbable win. sucks to be a raven.
some might say it was the adjustment of losing moss that had tommy playing so unevenly for much of this game, while others might argue his man-crush on branch had him all off-balance. still, our fearless quarterback came through when the game was on the line, and he even managed to offer his opponents some friendly advice - about supermodels, according to this raven tackler. that explains why he was too distracted to make the sack, allowing a 30 yard completion...that set up a field goal...that led to overtime...that resulted in a patriots win. ironically, tommy's advice: supermodels like winners. 
branch turned in a respectable performance in his first game back, but i don't award tommies for respectability. just ask randy moss! instead, i'm giving this week's tommy to stephen gostkowski. our usually-perfect kicker has had some surprising misses this season, but he proved himself to be golden under pressure, nailing his first-ever overtime kick to win his first-ever tommy. look - you can literally see this victory slipping through the fingers of that jumping raven. nicely done, stephen. congrats!
in i heart wes welker news, wes has gone scruffy for the fall, and it warms my... um, let's go with heart. my dad reads this. i heart scruff in general, and wes scruffs up very, very well. "heart" ya, wes.
we play the chargers on sunday, and while they've looked terrible this season, they hate the patriots just as much as the ravens do. could be a tough one- but could also be a blowout. either way, it's an afternoon game, so i'll be tipsy! think happy patriots thoughts, and have a great week.
love dav

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