Tuesday, October 26, 2010


boooooooo!  sadly i’m not practicing for halloween, this is just the least happy i’ve ever been with the patriots after they’ve won. after a game like this, how we got to 5-1 is beyond my comprehension.
it’s always tough playing in san diego...just ask the chargers! the bolts had a bad day, turning over the ball four times, but the patriots just couldn’t generate any offense. our defense didn’t fare much better, and only the chargers themselves stopped their fourth quarter comeback with another penalty. our fearless quarterback nosed a ton of passes and never really got into rhythm, and not even his beloved branch could help. i know you’re reunited and it feels so good, tommy, but maybe you should turn around and start leading that team of yours.
i’m tempted to give this week’s tommy to the chargers, since they’re mostly responsible for our victory. stephen gostkowski also deserves it for nailing all three field goal attempts, but i can’t give it to the kicker every week. instead, for the first time ever, the tommy of the week is co-awarded – to james sanders and rob ninkovich. i can’t say either exemplified the leadership, competitiveness or general roguish charm of tom brady – but then again, neither did tom brady. however, both guys recovered live balls the chargers left for dead, returning them for valuable yardage on which our offense failed to convert. it’s kind of sad when simply knowing the rules earns a tommy, but there it is. congrats, guys!
i still heart wes welker, but even he couldn’t escape my irritation this week. his sexy scruff has turned into a full-on mountain man beard, and it looks stupid! we’re not the steelers, wes! i’m thinking about having a fling with aaron hernandez until he shaves- so stay tuned...there might be tats and smolderingness next week. apparently this charger dude still finds wes pretty sexy though. run, wes, run!!!!
we face our old friend randy moss this week- and with or without brett favre, the vikings will be tough to beat if we play anything like we did this week. luckily, the guys are bringing candy to the bar (right, guys?), so i know there will be treats...and hopefully the patriots will have a few tricks up their sleeves. have a great week- and GO PATS!
love dav

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  1. Dav, I was at the Charger game Sunday and I can tell you it was even uglier in person. But... sometimes winning ugly happens in the NFL. You take those wins and look to next week asap. Tommy has won 22 straight regular season home games and stopping AP will ensure #23. See ya at game time!!!