Sunday, November 7, 2021


well kids-

we've got ourselves a football team! after a bumpy start, our patriots have won three in a row, and for the most part, they've looked a little better doing it every week. it's been super fun to watch, so rest assured that my missed macdowns have been due to new job (and subsequent promotion!) busyness and not a lack of interest or attention on my part.

that macjones sure is somethin' else, and i'm a little sad that this is the game i have time to tell you about, because it wasn't his best. our intrepid quarterback went just 12 for 18 and 139 yards, with one touchdown, one interception, and one apparently controversial strip sack that really just seems like sour grapes. nevertheless, while it wasn't a shiny happy performance from our shiny happy rookie, i still feel fairly confident that he has everything firmly in hand.

it's been pretty exciting to see our team start to come together over the last month or so, and while we're not playing perfectly, everyone's stepping up and falling into sync. our defense particularly has been playing the way everyone expected them to play before the season started, so it's nice they decided to show up and give our young offense a little time to gel. this week, they even gave our young offense an assist, with jc jackson returning one of his two interceptions on poor sam darnold for a touchdown - and earning this week's macdown in the process. congratulations on being the patriots' number one receiver in week nine, jc!

we play the browns at home next sunday, and while for some reason i thought they were really good this season, they have the same record that we do - which i think means that maybe we're better than i think we are! i actually think it just means i was confused about the browns, but think your happy patriots thoughts that next week we have a better record than they do, and i'll reconsider.

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav