Tuesday, September 27, 2011


stupid tom brady.

it was a crappy game in buffalo, kids, and the bills handed the patriots their first loss of the season. i suppose when your quarterback throws four interceptions, you can’t reasonably expect to win a game...and someone might want to point that out to all the commentators who are now squawking that the bills are for real. seriously? he had four picks and they won by the skin of 
their teeth. whatever.

if we were going to lose a game (and we probably were), then having our fearless quarterback throw three picks (and one deflection – which should so not be counted as an interception!) is the way to do it. at least this way, everyone shrugs and says- eh, brady had a bad day, and no one stresses that the pats are in serious trouble. besides, tommy did throw for 387 yards and four touchdowns, so it wasn’t like he sucked completely. nevertheless,  i hate bad days, i hate interceptions, and i hate losing! at least tommy hates all those things just as much as i do.

i wasn’t the only one hearting wes welker this week. it was my first game here in san diego, and while i was sporting my aWESome 83 t-shirt, nearly every single pats fan in the bar was wearing a welker jersey. hurray san diego pats fans! still, nobody wears it quite like wes. dreamy sigh.

if the sight of wes in his jersey doesn’t do it for ya, then the performance of wes in his jersey this week certainly should have. it’s as if he decided he was going to singlehandedly win this game – and he damned near pulled it off. he racked up a patriots-record 217 yards (and two touchdowns) is week, along with this week’s tommy. it’s unreasonable for you to carry the team on your back, wes, but we sure appreciate the effort!

the pats play in oakland on sunday, and it’ll be comforting to know the boys are on my coast this week. don’t worry, i’ll return ‘em to you safe and sound – and hopefully with a win under their belts. send your happy patriots thoughts a little early since they’re travelling cross-country, and i’ll catch ya next week.

have a great one– and GO PATS!

love dav

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


hey kids-
coming to you live from san diego, it’s this week’s edition of the totw! it was a thriller against the chargers last weekend, and while the score reflects a handy victory, it felt a lot closer than this throughout the game. as always, the chargers played us evenly and lost only due to a series of ridiculous turnovers that you’d think were just bad luck if they didn’t happen every single time we play.
our fearless quarterback is en fuego, as they say here in socal, and is on track to blow his 2007 season out of the water. he was 31/40 for 423 yards this week and has already racked up almost 950 yards in just two games (in contrast, he didn’t hit 950 yards til game five last year and game four in 2007). while it would be insane if he kept this up, it’s still shaping up to be a really fun season. he’s so competitive, he’s even started staring down his helmet! like the rest of us, i suspect it was duly impressed.

in i heart wes welker news- i heart him just as much in san diego as i did in san francisco-  just in case anyone was worried about that. like miami, san diego can’t believe they ever let him get away, and they just can’t keep their hands off him. can’t say i blame ya, san diego – i’d be all over that.
for once, this week’s tommy was a super-easy selection. not only did vince wilfork get his first career interception, but he also cracked me up as he hauled  his 325 pounds down the field for a 28 yard return- not even for one second considering running out of bounds or sliding out after the pick. check him out, hustling down the field like the self-proclaimed well-conditioned athlete he is – unlikely to be outrun by the boys in my bar, in spite of their delusions. run, vince, run!
this weekend’s matchup is against the buffalo bills in one of just four early games we play this year. definitely one of the early season shockers, the bills are 2-0 and look pretty terrific, albeit against somewhat suspect opponents. still, it could be a battle- so think happy patriots thoughts for my first patriots game back in my “home” town- and i’ll try catch ya a little sooner next week, now that i’m all settled and sundrenched.
have a great one, and go pats!

love dav

Thursday, September 15, 2011


hey kids-
welcome back for the sixth season of the tommy of the week! for the second time in three years, our patriots opened the season on monday night football – and all that off-season drama didn’t seem to have affected them one bit. not only did they win in resounding fashion, but they broke a bunch of records in the process. hurray football!
our fearless quarterback picked up right where he left off last season (ignoring that heart-wrenching playoff misstep) and threw for a whopping 517 yards – the most in patriots history and the fifth most in nfl history. he also completed his 3000th career pass, and it was pretty exciting to see him looking so laser sharp so early on. here he is, very discreetly letting his receiver know which way he was about to throw the ball. even then, miami couldn’t stop him. welcome back, tommy – let’s hope you’re ready to finish the season as well as you started it! 

wes wasn’t about to let tommy have all the fun, and after a bit of a butterfingers start, he also got in on the record-setting action. after a(nother) awesome goal line stand by our defense, tommy lobbed a short pass out of the endzone, and wes took it and sprinted 99 yards down the field for a touchdown. it’s only the 12th 99-yard touchdown pass in history – and the first for the patriots. he here is, one of many people kicking miami in the head for letting him get away – again. heart ya wes! what’d i tell ya? same bat time, same bat channel.
the tommy was a tough decision this week, since there were a lot of exemplary performances. woodhead rocked it out, our sophomore tight ends took turns scaring the hell of the afc east (and presumably the rest of the nfl), and mccourty had a quiet but fantastic game, showing up on almost every play. still- it’s the tommy of the week, and if 500+ passing yards doesn’t earn you your nakesake award, i’m not sure what does. so, the first tommy of the week of the season goes to tom brady. i’m lovin the focus tommy. let the boys celebrate – but you keep your eyes on the prize.

we play san diego in a late game this week – and i think it’s nice symmetry, since i’m moving to san diego on tuesday. more likely, it’s serendipity that i won’t be there to make enemies on my very first week in town. not like you need an excuse, but think happy patriots thoughts – since it’ll be a lot easier to don my pats gear next sunday if we win!
have a great week – and go pats! 
love dav