Thursday, September 15, 2011


hey kids-
welcome back for the sixth season of the tommy of the week! for the second time in three years, our patriots opened the season on monday night football – and all that off-season drama didn’t seem to have affected them one bit. not only did they win in resounding fashion, but they broke a bunch of records in the process. hurray football!
our fearless quarterback picked up right where he left off last season (ignoring that heart-wrenching playoff misstep) and threw for a whopping 517 yards – the most in patriots history and the fifth most in nfl history. he also completed his 3000th career pass, and it was pretty exciting to see him looking so laser sharp so early on. here he is, very discreetly letting his receiver know which way he was about to throw the ball. even then, miami couldn’t stop him. welcome back, tommy – let’s hope you’re ready to finish the season as well as you started it! 

wes wasn’t about to let tommy have all the fun, and after a bit of a butterfingers start, he also got in on the record-setting action. after a(nother) awesome goal line stand by our defense, tommy lobbed a short pass out of the endzone, and wes took it and sprinted 99 yards down the field for a touchdown. it’s only the 12th 99-yard touchdown pass in history – and the first for the patriots. he here is, one of many people kicking miami in the head for letting him get away – again. heart ya wes! what’d i tell ya? same bat time, same bat channel.
the tommy was a tough decision this week, since there were a lot of exemplary performances. woodhead rocked it out, our sophomore tight ends took turns scaring the hell of the afc east (and presumably the rest of the nfl), and mccourty had a quiet but fantastic game, showing up on almost every play. still- it’s the tommy of the week, and if 500+ passing yards doesn’t earn you your nakesake award, i’m not sure what does. so, the first tommy of the week of the season goes to tom brady. i’m lovin the focus tommy. let the boys celebrate – but you keep your eyes on the prize.

we play san diego in a late game this week – and i think it’s nice symmetry, since i’m moving to san diego on tuesday. more likely, it’s serendipity that i won’t be there to make enemies on my very first week in town. not like you need an excuse, but think happy patriots thoughts – since it’ll be a lot easier to don my pats gear next sunday if we win!
have a great week – and go pats! 
love dav

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