Tuesday, September 27, 2011


stupid tom brady.

it was a crappy game in buffalo, kids, and the bills handed the patriots their first loss of the season. i suppose when your quarterback throws four interceptions, you can’t reasonably expect to win a game...and someone might want to point that out to all the commentators who are now squawking that the bills are for real. seriously? he had four picks and they won by the skin of 
their teeth. whatever.

if we were going to lose a game (and we probably were), then having our fearless quarterback throw three picks (and one deflection – which should so not be counted as an interception!) is the way to do it. at least this way, everyone shrugs and says- eh, brady had a bad day, and no one stresses that the pats are in serious trouble. besides, tommy did throw for 387 yards and four touchdowns, so it wasn’t like he sucked completely. nevertheless,  i hate bad days, i hate interceptions, and i hate losing! at least tommy hates all those things just as much as i do.

i wasn’t the only one hearting wes welker this week. it was my first game here in san diego, and while i was sporting my aWESome 83 t-shirt, nearly every single pats fan in the bar was wearing a welker jersey. hurray san diego pats fans! still, nobody wears it quite like wes. dreamy sigh.

if the sight of wes in his jersey doesn’t do it for ya, then the performance of wes in his jersey this week certainly should have. it’s as if he decided he was going to singlehandedly win this game – and he damned near pulled it off. he racked up a patriots-record 217 yards (and two touchdowns) is week, along with this week’s tommy. it’s unreasonable for you to carry the team on your back, wes, but we sure appreciate the effort!

the pats play in oakland on sunday, and it’ll be comforting to know the boys are on my coast this week. don’t worry, i’ll return ‘em to you safe and sound – and hopefully with a win under their belts. send your happy patriots thoughts a little early since they’re travelling cross-country, and i’ll catch ya next week.

have a great one– and GO PATS!

love dav

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