Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 hey kids-
this week is getting away from me, so i’d better get right to it.
the pats were on my coast this week taking on the raiders on a gorgeous blue-sky afternoon. tommy returned to his old stomping grounds (generally speaking ) and even got a spiffy new haircut to impress the folks back home. for a little while, i was worried he was going to be like samson without his locks, but our fearless quarterback got it together eventually. it wasn’t nearly as impressive a performance as we’ve been seeing, but there also weren’t nearly as many interceptions! here he is, lookin as happy about that as i was.

wes, on the other hand, had another amazing game – and i totally heart him and every single one of his 158 yards and his touchdown. technically speaking,  he’s averaging 152 yards per game this season, which i guess makes this a pretty “average” day at the office...but it sure looked like he was stretching his limits to me. see for yourself!

it wouldn’t be unreasonable to give the tommy to wes again this week – or to wilfork, who, with his second pick of the season, now leads the team in interceptions. it was also pretty exciting to see ochocinco learning the routes and making some plays. still, the patriots apparently stressed balance between the running and passing games this week, and stevan ridley was a big part of making that happen. in spite of getting shut down early, our rookie running back showed perseverance (a key totw award-winning quality!) and racked up a total 100 yards and one touchdown – which earns him the tommy of the week. congrats, kiddo!  if that look on your face is any indication, this is just the beginning.

the pats are back where they belong on sunday, in foxborough, to take on the jets. the jets have lost their last two games, and it would be pretty sweet to watch them crash and burn with a three-game skid. i hope you haven’t waited til now to start thinking your happy patriots thoughts - cuz we’re going to need em!
soooooo- think lots of happy patriots thoughts, cross your fingers, knock on wood, do some shots (they’re lucky, i swear!), have a great week and GO PATS!
love dav

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