Sunday, December 30, 2012


hey kids-
well, it wasn’t pretty, but we beat the jacksonville jags. you know it’s bad when your fearless quarterback gets out-thrown by chad henne- but after throwing 65 passes the week before, i suppose i should just be grateful tommy’s arm didn’t fall off.
tommy had his second consecutive game with two interceptions this week – doubling his season total in just seven days. neither of us was super-happy about it, but after two hard-fought battles on national tv, a letdown was inevitable. sometimes you’ve just gotta be happy to walk away with the “w,” tommy.

it sounds like rob gronkowski is healing nicely, and if he doesn’t play against the dolphins, he most certainly should be ready for the playoffs. in the meantime, aaron hernandez basked in his last t&a-by-default with this perfect catch – and perfect pose. don’t worry, aaron. something tells me there are more t&as in your future.

this was one of those games in which i was reminded of the value of wes welker. when the offense just can’t seem to get into rhythm, wes and tommy are almost always able to resort to the dink-and-dunk down the field, moving the chains enough to let stephen do his thing. while patrick chung’s last second interception in the end zone stopped the jags from tying, this week’s tommy goes to wes. let’s all try not to think about the fact this may be the last one he ever gets. i’ll always heart you at least a little, wes welker! 

we play our final game of the season against miami this afternoon, kids. enjoy it – since it’s sudden death from here on out! think happy patriots thoughts – and happy new year!
go pats!
love dav


hey kids-
it’s very, very old news now that our patriots lost to the 49ers in what turned out to be an incredible game if you stuck with it to the end. of our four losses, i’m the least disappointed by the this one. however- just before game time, janice emailed a reply to the previous week’s totw saying “these are a lot funnier when the pats lose.” for that reason – and because this is already ridiculously late – i’m keeping this as short, sweet, and unentertaining as possible. blame janice! i already hold her responsible for the loss.
after the high of the win against houston, i wondered if we might crash a bit in this game against the niners – and for the first half of this game, crash we did. bumbles, bobbles and bloopers galore had our boys looking an awful lot like the three stooges – and even tommy brady couldn’t pull off that look!

on the plus side, aaron hernandez proved he looks just as good losing as he does winning.

luckily, the patriots are the patriots, and they weren’t going down without a fight. our fearless quarterback led our team to 31 points in the second half, but even his 443 yards weren’t enough to salvage this slow start. still, it was tommy’s leadership, competitiveness, and general roguish charm that had even the most fierce of haters glued to the screen right down to the last second of this game, and this week’s tommy of the week goes to its namesake.

alright- that’s that. hope you’re happy janice!
this week’s tommy is coming up next.
go pats!
love dav

Saturday, December 15, 2012


holy patriots.
hey kids-
there’s something about the cold new england air in december that has a way of extinguishing teams that are “on fire.” our patriots routed the division-leading texans, and i can’t remember the last time they looked so well-prepared to completely shut down another team in every aspect of the game. maybe that’s why they looked so lousy against miami – they must’ve used that week to get ready for houston instead!
our fearless quarterback was fired up for this one, and it’s always fun to see tommy leading the charge. it’s hard to believe he had only 296 yards – especially since he racked up 100 of them in two of his four touchdown passes. of course, it was the stupid six-yard rush that took him 8 minutes to finish that really got him excited. does anybody else think he’s tried to devise a play in which he runs downfield to catch a pass he’s thrown? i love you tommy, but seriously.

in t&a news, aaron hernandez continues to be both awesome and adorable – and also continues to receive the t&a! not only did he beat out several houstons to recover an early patriots fumble with a sophisticated technique known as falling on the ball, but he also choreographed and performed highly-entertaining touchdown celebrations for each of his two end zone receptions. he here is after touchdown number one, spreading a little love he mixed up fresh. heyyyyyyy aaron...can i get a little whipped cream on that?

this was one of those games when every patriot did his job and did it well, once again igniting that spark of hope in brokenhearted patriots fans everywhere. whether it was watching it finally come together for lloyd, welcoming stallworth back in a big way, or cheering on a defense that made two fourth-down stops, patriots fans had plenty of reasons to be proud – and drunk! – on monday night. still, there’s no question this was tom brady’s show, and he’s getting this week’s tommy. hurray for the “brady bunch!”  i’m hearing that other fans in the NFL don’t find it nearly as entertaining as i do...but the ratings are pretty good.

we play san francisco tomorrow night, giving us our biggest test of the season for the second time in two weeks. i hear there’s snow in the forecast, so i’m hoping our pats will pull out a little more december magic – though i’m not above begging santa for an early christmas present.  i’ve been flying high on happy patriots thoughts all week – but i hope you’ve been practicing yours!
have a great saturday night, and go pats!
love dav

Saturday, December 8, 2012


hey kids-

it wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t pretty, but our patriots brought a w home from miami – clinching the division in the process – so i’m going to try not to complain about it.

our fearless quarterback threw way more passed than i’d have liked – especially considering it was for a measly 238 yards and one lonely touchdown. he also threw a rare legitimate interception that was not a tipped pass, a botched route, or blame-able on anyone but his own tom brady self. he does it so rarely, it’s easy to forget that sometimes he just makes mistakes. maybe you should stop telling the other guys right where you plan to throw the ball, tommy!

it makes me happy to see aaron hernandez back on the field, and not just because i like imagining being all wrapped up in those tattoos. aaron has a way of turning a five-yard-play into a 12-yard-play, and he did that to the tune of 97 yards on sunday. with an offense that still seems to be struggling to get into a consistent rhythm, those extra yards after the catch are crucial – and just one of the reasons he’s become the primary patriot of my affection. plus, i reallllllly like imagining being all wrapped up in those tattoos.

know what i’m not imagining? making out with wes with that big freaking caterpillar on his face! on the plus side, the miami defense seemed to have been as turned off by it as i was, and they let him rack up 12 catches and 103 yards. this is his 17th game in which he’s had 10 or more receptions, which ties him with jerry rice for the lead – although wes has needed less than half as many games as jerry did to accomplish that feat.  too bad you look like a porn star, wes, because that’s practically heart-able. seriously. even miami didn’t want to touch him!

not only do we have to wait all the way until monday night to see our pats in action again, but we also have to play the texans – and it should be one of our biggest tests of the season (until the week after...but we’ll get there). i’ve got two days of anxiety to get through – so throw in some happy dav thoughts with your happy patriots thoughts...but not too many. i don’t think the pats can spare them!

have a great weekend- and GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

love dav