Sunday, December 30, 2012


hey kids-
well, it wasn’t pretty, but we beat the jacksonville jags. you know it’s bad when your fearless quarterback gets out-thrown by chad henne- but after throwing 65 passes the week before, i suppose i should just be grateful tommy’s arm didn’t fall off.
tommy had his second consecutive game with two interceptions this week – doubling his season total in just seven days. neither of us was super-happy about it, but after two hard-fought battles on national tv, a letdown was inevitable. sometimes you’ve just gotta be happy to walk away with the “w,” tommy.

it sounds like rob gronkowski is healing nicely, and if he doesn’t play against the dolphins, he most certainly should be ready for the playoffs. in the meantime, aaron hernandez basked in his last t&a-by-default with this perfect catch – and perfect pose. don’t worry, aaron. something tells me there are more t&as in your future.

this was one of those games in which i was reminded of the value of wes welker. when the offense just can’t seem to get into rhythm, wes and tommy are almost always able to resort to the dink-and-dunk down the field, moving the chains enough to let stephen do his thing. while patrick chung’s last second interception in the end zone stopped the jags from tying, this week’s tommy goes to wes. let’s all try not to think about the fact this may be the last one he ever gets. i’ll always heart you at least a little, wes welker! 

we play our final game of the season against miami this afternoon, kids. enjoy it – since it’s sudden death from here on out! think happy patriots thoughts – and happy new year!
go pats!
love dav

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