Saturday, December 8, 2012


hey kids-

it wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t pretty, but our patriots brought a w home from miami – clinching the division in the process – so i’m going to try not to complain about it.

our fearless quarterback threw way more passed than i’d have liked – especially considering it was for a measly 238 yards and one lonely touchdown. he also threw a rare legitimate interception that was not a tipped pass, a botched route, or blame-able on anyone but his own tom brady self. he does it so rarely, it’s easy to forget that sometimes he just makes mistakes. maybe you should stop telling the other guys right where you plan to throw the ball, tommy!

it makes me happy to see aaron hernandez back on the field, and not just because i like imagining being all wrapped up in those tattoos. aaron has a way of turning a five-yard-play into a 12-yard-play, and he did that to the tune of 97 yards on sunday. with an offense that still seems to be struggling to get into a consistent rhythm, those extra yards after the catch are crucial – and just one of the reasons he’s become the primary patriot of my affection. plus, i reallllllly like imagining being all wrapped up in those tattoos.

know what i’m not imagining? making out with wes with that big freaking caterpillar on his face! on the plus side, the miami defense seemed to have been as turned off by it as i was, and they let him rack up 12 catches and 103 yards. this is his 17th game in which he’s had 10 or more receptions, which ties him with jerry rice for the lead – although wes has needed less than half as many games as jerry did to accomplish that feat.  too bad you look like a porn star, wes, because that’s practically heart-able. seriously. even miami didn’t want to touch him!

not only do we have to wait all the way until monday night to see our pats in action again, but we also have to play the texans – and it should be one of our biggest tests of the season (until the week after...but we’ll get there). i’ve got two days of anxiety to get through – so throw in some happy dav thoughts with your happy patriots thoughts...but not too many. i don’t think the pats can spare them!

have a great weekend- and GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

love dav

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