Tuesday, November 27, 2012


hey kids-
know what’s better than beating the jets? beating the jets in a thanksgiving night blowout on national tv. happy thanksgiving indeed!
the jets looked like the keystone cops out there on thursday night, and our patriots took full advantage of their ineptitude. once again, players on both sides of the ball got in on the scoring action, and our fearless quarterback definitely had his fair share of the fun with 323 yards and four touchdowns. the only thing more fun than watching tommy dismantle the jets on the field was the hilarious moment after the game when the postgame reporter encouraged him to pick up a turkey leg. after taking a great big bite, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it – so he danced around shaking it awkwardly for the rest of the interview. luckily, no one was looking at the turkey leg.

rob gronkowski’s out for a while, which means the t&a is going to aaron hernandez for the foreseeable future – though i’ll admit to being a bit partial to giving it to him anyway. in the spirit of the holiday, i figured i’d give us all something for which to be thankful – not that i wasn’t thankful for his return...but this is better.

once again, there were lots of excellent totw candidates, but eventually i settled upon steven gregory as the winner of this week’s tommy. not only did steven have an early interception that both prevented the jets from scoring and turned into a touchdown for our pats, but he also recovered a fumble that he returned for six himself. it’s not often one player on the defense scores more points than our best receiver – and it definitely merits the tommy of the week. from the way steven’s cradling this ball, those butterfinger receivers better beware!

we play in miami early on sunday morning, and i’m hoping the pats have kicked that “lose to miami in december” once and for all. it’d be nice to gain some more momentum for our big monday night matchup the following week against houston. with our thursday game, i’m early with the totw this week, so you’ve got lots of time to practice your happy patriots thoughts. start now!
have a fantastic week- and go pats!
love dav

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