Wednesday, November 21, 2012


hey kids-
quick turnaround this week, so we’d better get this done.
in hindsight, i guess i shouldn’t have been surprised by our patriots’ spectacular blowout of the colts. the boys don’t tend to take well to the rookie-vs.-brady drama that the media creates, and you’ll remember the smack down the boys put on tim tebow and the broncos about this time last year. this year, the hapless rookie in question was andrew luck, and our fearless quarterback made him look like a hapless rookie indeed. tommy racked up 331 yards and three touchdowns, and for that, he was awarded a great big "w” and this ever-so-stylish beanie. i love east coast winter.

i think it might be time for me to stop having a sub-feature of the tommy of the week. just two seasons into the i heart wes welker, poor wes went down for the count with that brutal knee injury... and my powers of doom and destruction only seem to be getting stronger. the very first season in to the t&a, both the t and the a are now officially broken. rob gronkowski fractured his arm during sunday’s game, and he’ll be out for the foreseeable future. luckily, he left us with one last memorable touchdown dance by which to remember him. for the sake of our playoff hopes, i’ll refrain from lusting after any more patriots until the off-season...which means i’ll have to start watching the voice to get a regular fix of my maroon 5 boyfriend to tide me over. i hope you all appreciate my sacrifice.

i love it when it’s hard to pick the tommy of the week – because that means our team played like a team, and that’s exactly what happened on sunday. everybody made big plays, and it really goes to show the potential of this roster. hopefully, it’s all coming together at just the right time. while it took a lot of help from a lot of people, tom brady was at the heart of this victory, and for that, he gets this week’s tommy. it sure is nice to see him smiling for a change!

alright kids. we’ve got the jets tomorrow night, and i know you’re all going to be doped up on turkey and pumpkin pie – but you know i hatehatehate losing to the jets. sneak in some happy patriots thoughts, and let’s all hope the holiday ends on a high note. for us. the jets fans can suck it.
happy thanksgiving- and go pats!

love dav

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