Friday, December 30, 2011


hey kids-
super-late this week, and only getting this done now by tearing myself away from my new puppy (lush) who is snoozin on my leg. i’m sure she’s about to wake up and do something adorable at any moment, so let’s make this one short and sweet.
it was a tale of two halves on sunday- and if you’re a patriots fan, you could’ve pretty much skipped the first one. our pats got outscored 17-0, and it wasn’t pretty. luckily, we’ve evolved into a second half team this year, and things turned around later in the game.  meanwhile, this is the only kind of action our fearless quarterback was seeing for much of quarters one and two. run, tommy, run!

i was a little distracted from how much i heart wes welker this week- til i saw the him in the locker room when some idiot asked, “wes, what’s the significance of the number one seed?” wes looked at him like he was maybe-a-little-slow and explained, “well, you get home field advantage if you win.” lush is cute, but my heart definitely still belongs to wes. dreamy sigh.

while that first half was a wash, our pats came alive after the break, with our fearless quarterback leading the charge. tommy racked up more than 200 yards in the second half, threw for one touchdown, and rushed for two more. if that’s not leadership, competitiveness, and general roguish charm, than i don’t know what is! here he is, showing those defenders the measure of their competition. or something like that.

it’s our final regular season game on sunday, and i can’t think of a better way to start the new year than by watching our pats beat the bills – and maybe watching them break a record or two in the process. think happy patriots thoughts – because i’m busy thinking “all the best in 2012” thoughts for you and yours. happy new year. go patriots!
love dav
ps- i told you she’d wake up and do something adorable!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


hey kids-
what a sunday! beating the broncos is always exciting, since they tend to give us a run for our money, but beating the broncos resoundingly in a seriously-overhyped game that got tons of national attention? it was like christmas came early!
it wasn’t much of a contest between tom and tim – though it started out like it might be when tebow rushed into the end zone for the broncos’ first score. not to be outdone, tommy wound up with a rushing score of his own, along with 320 yards, two touchdowns, and that great big “w,” putting him ahead in the contest on all fronts. to celebrate, our fearless quarterback pulled his own signature end zone move – which is known as “spiking the football.” if “bradying” ever becomes a word, it damned well better mean something more exciting than that.

i know you all know i heart wes welker – but i have to admit, i never thought to put him on my christmas thanks to whomever gave these kids the heads up! think that’s gonna fit under the tree, mom?

with the way gronkowski has been playing, it’s easy to forget hernandez was the favorite of our tight end tandem for much of last season. on sunday, it was easy to remember why: aaron finally shook off that injury and pulled down 129 yards and a touchdown – which earns this week’s tommy of the week. i have the same affection for aaron’s tats as i do for gronk’s abs, so watching him leap up to make one-armed catches like this one was definitely a holiday treat.

we play miami saturday morning this week, and not only do we have a tendency to lose to the dolphins in december, but they’ve been on a tear lately. there’s a decent possibility they’ll be the grinch who stole christmas, so think happy patriots thoughts – or somebody better call those kids to make sure wes winds up under my tree.
merry christmas – and go pats!
love dav

Thursday, December 15, 2011


well kids,
our patriots totally set me up on sunday. when our defense forced a fumble and scored early in the first, the bartender looked at us and said, “this could get ugly fast.” so, i looked at my bar buddy said, “i’ll buy shots every time the redskins score.” for those who didn’t watch, the redskins scored four times in a closer-than-anyone-thought contest. then, when it got tight, my bar buddy bought shots...then there were congratulatory shots....and sympathy shots...and we were two very drunk people at 1pm on a sunday afternoon (damned west coast football!). and then there were the late games!
our fearless quarterback actually looked pretty good, in spite of three dropped touchdown passes and a not-unreasonable interception for which our offensive coordinate quite literally tried to kill him. in spite of the misstep, tommy brady came in at 357 yards and 3 touchdowns, which i thought was perfectly acceptable. i’m feeling a little protective of our fearless quarterback this week, so let’s just look at him in all his quarterback glory and feel better. it works – i promise!

this week's i heart wes welker comes to you straight from the sidelines, where my inside source tells me that, at the start of this game, wes had a league-leading 127 targets and hadn’t dropped a pass all year. for comparison, he lead the league with 11 drops last season. thanks for the scoop, b – and for this awesome pic proving that wes knows how to not-drop a passes! i’d heart ya darlin’, but i already gave it to wes. put in a good word for me next time ya see him!

we all know this week’s tommy is going to gronkowski, but first – a totw honorable mention. when tommy threw his interception, our brand-spanking new OC came after him in a big way (for a presumably bad throw tommy wanted our backup receiver to go after). recognizing o’brien’s inappropriate volatility, brian hoyer quite literally put himself between his and our QB, spreading his arms and using his body to protect tommy. as dad said – defensive play of the game! you may not get much playing time, baldy, but we love ya! nevertheless, the totw goes to rob gronkowski, with yet another consistently spectacular game in which he broke that receiving record for a second time and racked up 160 yards. nice work, twinkle toes!

we play denver on sunday, and i’m tired of the comparisons between a quarterback who (already) will go down in the history books with one who’s barely begun to ink his first chapter. let’s just say denver always plays us hard, and we’re going to need all the happy patriots thoughts we can get. hope you’ve been practicing while i’ve been busy this week. i shouldn’t have to tell you at this point in the season!
happy friday, and gooooo pats.
love dav

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hey kids-
so...i think i missed something on sunday. our patriots racked up a comfortable 31-3 lead against the colts to start the fourth quarter. it was so comfortable, in fact, that coach pulled brady and gave hoyer the reigns. at this point, our crackerjack defense gave up three touchdowns, all of which caused me to roll my eyes, but none of which caused me even the slightest bit of concern. after the game, benchwarmer manning went on and on about how they “almost had it,” which makes me think i was supposed to be taking that comeback effort seriously. oops. definitely missed that memo.
i was none to happy to see our fearless quarterback impersonating the aforementioned benchwarmer in the fourth quarter, and by the looks of his scowls on the sidelines, he felt the same way. after all was said and done and revised, he threw two touchdowns and nearly 300 yards – and i know we were playing the gimpy colts, but i would’ve preferred seven touchdowns and 512 yards. what happened to that magical season when we ran up the score? here’s our tommy, trying to recreate it and harry pottering the ball downfield, probably into the waiting hands of rob gronkowski.

in i heart wes welker news, wes had an awesome game, which i didn’t even know until i looked it up! seriously- what was i doing on sunday? i pretty much always think wes has awesome games, on account of me hearting him and all, but it’s nice when the statistics back me up! the photogs were backing me up this week, too – wes looked super-cute in all his pics. see for yourself!

it’s hard to believe rob gronkowski hasn’t received the totw all year, but i guess that’s the curse of being consistently amazing. gronk was consistently amazing yet again on sunday, catching two touchdown passes and “running” for one that was actually a record-breaking pass, but whatever. that’ll just give him something consistently amazing to accomplish next week. as for this week, he’s officially awarded his first tommy of the week of the season. for anyone keeping score, that’s one totw for rob, one totw for his abs. it’s pretty much neck and neck on which is most likely to get another.

we play the skins early on sunday this week, which makes me a little sad, because my bar buddy is a skins fan – but i’m never gonna complain when rex grossman is on the other side of the football. think happy patriots thoughts so i can be a gracious winner – since we all know i’m a really poor-sport loser and i’m trying to make friends!
have a great week. go pats!

love dav

Thursday, December 1, 2011


hey kids-
i’m creatively uninspired this week and don’t feel like writing this at all. even searching for the perfect i heart wes welker pic didn’t perk me up. maybe i’m getting sick!
our patriots capped off the holiday weekend with a win down in philadelphia in what was a really great game if you happened to be a patriots fan. our fearless quarterback took a little while to warm up, as has been his wont this season, but at least he’s been making the wait worthwhile. he threw three touchdown passes, including two to wes – which they celebrated gracefully by clinking helmets...though i suspect there also may have been some sweet nothings being whispered here.

after all that r&r last week, wes came out like gangbusters, and one of those two touchdown catches was a really pretty perfectly thrown long ball which he trotted right into the endzone. here he is, barely breakin a sweat and making it look as easy as i hope he is. heart ya, wes. call me!

despite wes’ amazing performance, this week’s tommy of the week goes to deion branch. he had fewer catches and no touchdowns, but he came out with more yards, and i really liked the way he wasn’t afraid to take a hit or make a move, instead of ducking out of bounds as he sometimes does. way to go for the gusto – and the goal line, deion. fly like an eagle!

they moved our game on sunday from the late night game to the early game, which makes me happy. i’m already daydreaming about the bloody marys i’ll be enjoying when we take on the winless colts – who are super-pathetic, seeing as how we went 11-5 when our fearless quarterback got hurt! still, i’d really rather not be the first team to lose to the manningless dome pansies, so think happy patriots thoughts and save your olives for me on sunday. i love it when my cocktail includes breakfast!
have a great friday, and go pats!
love dav