Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hey kids-
so...i think i missed something on sunday. our patriots racked up a comfortable 31-3 lead against the colts to start the fourth quarter. it was so comfortable, in fact, that coach pulled brady and gave hoyer the reigns. at this point, our crackerjack defense gave up three touchdowns, all of which caused me to roll my eyes, but none of which caused me even the slightest bit of concern. after the game, benchwarmer manning went on and on about how they “almost had it,” which makes me think i was supposed to be taking that comeback effort seriously. oops. definitely missed that memo.
i was none to happy to see our fearless quarterback impersonating the aforementioned benchwarmer in the fourth quarter, and by the looks of his scowls on the sidelines, he felt the same way. after all was said and done and revised, he threw two touchdowns and nearly 300 yards – and i know we were playing the gimpy colts, but i would’ve preferred seven touchdowns and 512 yards. what happened to that magical season when we ran up the score? here’s our tommy, trying to recreate it and harry pottering the ball downfield, probably into the waiting hands of rob gronkowski.

in i heart wes welker news, wes had an awesome game, which i didn’t even know until i looked it up! seriously- what was i doing on sunday? i pretty much always think wes has awesome games, on account of me hearting him and all, but it’s nice when the statistics back me up! the photogs were backing me up this week, too – wes looked super-cute in all his pics. see for yourself!

it’s hard to believe rob gronkowski hasn’t received the totw all year, but i guess that’s the curse of being consistently amazing. gronk was consistently amazing yet again on sunday, catching two touchdown passes and “running” for one that was actually a record-breaking pass, but whatever. that’ll just give him something consistently amazing to accomplish next week. as for this week, he’s officially awarded his first tommy of the week of the season. for anyone keeping score, that’s one totw for rob, one totw for his abs. it’s pretty much neck and neck on which is most likely to get another.

we play the skins early on sunday this week, which makes me a little sad, because my bar buddy is a skins fan – but i’m never gonna complain when rex grossman is on the other side of the football. think happy patriots thoughts so i can be a gracious winner – since we all know i’m a really poor-sport loser and i’m trying to make friends!
have a great week. go pats!

love dav

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