Thursday, December 1, 2011


hey kids-
i’m creatively uninspired this week and don’t feel like writing this at all. even searching for the perfect i heart wes welker pic didn’t perk me up. maybe i’m getting sick!
our patriots capped off the holiday weekend with a win down in philadelphia in what was a really great game if you happened to be a patriots fan. our fearless quarterback took a little while to warm up, as has been his wont this season, but at least he’s been making the wait worthwhile. he threw three touchdown passes, including two to wes – which they celebrated gracefully by clinking helmets...though i suspect there also may have been some sweet nothings being whispered here.

after all that r&r last week, wes came out like gangbusters, and one of those two touchdown catches was a really pretty perfectly thrown long ball which he trotted right into the endzone. here he is, barely breakin a sweat and making it look as easy as i hope he is. heart ya, wes. call me!

despite wes’ amazing performance, this week’s tommy of the week goes to deion branch. he had fewer catches and no touchdowns, but he came out with more yards, and i really liked the way he wasn’t afraid to take a hit or make a move, instead of ducking out of bounds as he sometimes does. way to go for the gusto – and the goal line, deion. fly like an eagle!

they moved our game on sunday from the late night game to the early game, which makes me happy. i’m already daydreaming about the bloody marys i’ll be enjoying when we take on the winless colts – who are super-pathetic, seeing as how we went 11-5 when our fearless quarterback got hurt! still, i’d really rather not be the first team to lose to the manningless dome pansies, so think happy patriots thoughts and save your olives for me on sunday. i love it when my cocktail includes breakfast!
have a great friday, and go pats!
love dav

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