Wednesday, November 23, 2011


hey kids-
i’m hosting my very first thanksgiving in my palatial san diego condo, and my little sis is on the plane as we speak - so we’re doing it quick this week. on the plus side, it does burn more calories that way.
our pats took a little while to warm up on sunday since apparently it was freezing in new england, but they eventually put together a solid game and took it to the kansas city chiefs. for some reason, i thought this was an away game, and even the blue jerseys and minutemen on the sidelines couldn’t set me straight. luckily, tommy knew exactly where he was, even if he forgot who he was a couple of times. here’s our fearless quarterback doing his best kevin faulk impersonation, rushing for the first down and giving me heart attack. i’m thankful he didn’t die.

wes was so quite this week that one of my “friends” (you know who you are!) texted midgame to ask if i’d kidnapped him and put him in my basement. as if i’d keep him in the basement! in any case, wes was out there – he was just a little hard to see in the shadow of rob gronkowski. don’t worry, he still leads the nfl in receiving yards – and i still heart him. so does gronk, and i’m thankful wes didn’t get squashed by his affection. 

speaking of gronkpwski, he had another fabulous game and broke some records – but i was more impressed to learn that kyle arrington leads the nfl in interceptions. he had two in this game, and that earns him the tommy of the week. that’s back-to-back defensive recipients, and it’s no coincidence. even if our opponents haven’t been offensive powerhouses, i still like the way this d is improving week by week. congrats, kyle- i’m thankful you’re stepping up – or leaping up, as the case may be. 

we’ve got the eagles on sunday, and while they do have a losing record and vick is out, the nfc east has given us a little trouble so far. i know you’ll be busy with turkey and shopping and all that, but don’t forget to sneak in some happy patriots thoughts! i’m thankful for everybody who reads this every week – and for all the friends with whom it helps me stay connected. that would be you!
happy thanksgiving- and go pats!
love dav

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