Tuesday, November 1, 2011


well, that was infuriating.
our patriots looked downright pathetic down in pittsburgh, kids, and while i always hate losing, i’m particularly pissed off about this one. i don’t know if it was the porn stars, the Bahamas beaches, or the happy cardinals thoughts, but the stupid patriots looked like they were performing a comedy of errors on sunday, and i’m still not laughing.
the last time tom brady lost to pittsburgh in the regular season, we won the superbowl – but that seems highly unlikely at this point in the season. our defense has a long way to go...and in the meantime, our fearless quarterback needs to get his offense back to firing on all cylinders, instead of, say, bending over and letting the steelers have their way with him.

 every time we play the steelers, they pick a new and unique way to try to kill wes welker. apparently, i heart wes a hell of a lot more than anyone on his actual team does, since they all stood around like jackasses while this steeler tried to tear off his head. c’mon guys! wes’ head is one of my favorite parts!

this was one of those weeks when the tommy was a toss up, so i figured i’d give it to the one guy who leapt up to grab it. gary guyton’s interception in the first half got our team on the scoreboard, helped our spluttering offense stay in the game, and gave me one shining moment to reciprocate the trash talk dished out by the steelers fans who invaded my bar. thanks for bending over backwards in the name of patriots pride, gary! that’s the only kind of bending over we like to see.

we play the giants on sunday, and if we lose, i’m going to cry. i'm totally not one of those girls who looks pretty when she cries- so start thinking your happy patriots thoughts now.
have a better week than i am, and go pats!
love dav

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