Wednesday, November 16, 2011


we beat the jets! no matter how many times it happens, i never get tired of saying that. we beat the jets! hurray!
it’s my favorite time of year, kids, as the holidays approach, the weather turns colder, and the patriots pull out their doofy hats and start playing the kind of football that gives you chills. it wasn’t quite a spine-tingling performance on sunday night, but it was a heart-warming and dramatic improvement over the last few weeks. our back-to-fearless quarterback looked cool, calm, and collected as he led our team to a resounding victory, reassuring pats fans everywhere – but in san diego specifically. it sure is good to see ya back in november form, tommy. no one pulls off that doofy hat like you do!

abc news did a story about the rise in acl tears among kids yesterday, and as part of it, tommy met one of the kids for whom his own recovery is providing inspiration. wes was standing around in the background – presumably because he tore his acl, too, but deion was also there, so maybe tommy just needed a posse. either way, wes was on the nightly news, and both his mom and i were very, very proud. here’s a photo of the occasion with tommy and the kid cropped out so we can focus on the real highlight! i heart wes enough to say that shirt is very unflattering....but at least his hair looks good.

now that it’s an award worth winning again, everyone was trying to stake their claim on this week’s tommy. rob gronkonwski caught two touchdown passes, rob ninkovich snagged a pick he returned for six – and even ochocinco finally made a respectable catch! nevertheless, this week’s tommy is awarded to andre carter, and the reasons are twofold. firstly, he sacked mark sanchez 4 tmes, which i think may be more sacks than our defense has accrued all season. secondly, this picture makes me happy. congrats andre- that second one might be even harder than the first!

if, like me, you thought playing on sunday night was cruel and unusual punishment, then you’re in for absolute torture this week waiting for our monday night game against the chiefs. matty cassel just had surgery and won’t be playing, which is a bummer, since it’s always fun to see him, so i have high hopes for brady vs. the backup. still, think happy patriots thoughts anyway. you can’t be too careful. 
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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