Saturday, February 4, 2012


well kids-
it’s super bowl eve, and i’ve got way more butterflies than i did on christmas eve – and way more cautious optimism than i did on new year’s eve. let’s get this show on the road!
our patriots play the new york giants in the super bowl tomorrow afternoon, and i took a long time to get excited about it. the giants are like that lazy coworker who turns in half-assed work and gossips with the receptionist all day – then snow the boss with an unwittingly smart comment at just the right time and becomes the golden boy. they were an insulting opponent the first time around, and at 9-7 this season, i’m equally unimpressed. that said, our pats can literally take responsibility for the giants’ above-500 record and subsequent wild-card berth, so we made own bed. on the plus side, lying in it gives us the chance to f*** the giants.
i finally did start to get excited about this game on media day, and it was watching our fearless quarterback get excited that roped me in. you’d think by the fifth time around, some of the shine might’ve worn off the super bowl media circus, but tommy showed up with his camera in hand. here he is snapping pics right back at the photogs. seriously – how could anybody hate tom brady?

this week’s i heart wes welker comes to you live from lucas field, where my inside source hooked me up with this up-close photo from media day. aside from thanks again, b, all i can say is – look at those muscles! gronk’s abs have nothing on wes’ biceps. i hope his fiancee doesn’t mind how much i heart them!

the tommy of the super bye is going to tom brady, but certainly not by default. in addition to breaking numerous records and taking our team to a 13-3 record with the league’s second-worst defense, our fearless quarterback is playing in his fifth career super bowl – tying yet another record. i remember perching atop my futon couch in my manhattan apartment during that first one, and it’s crazy to think i’ve gotten to do that five times in the last 10 years...though admittedly, i’ve sometimes been under the futon! we truly are the luckiest fans in the nfl, and tommy not only deserves the tommy of the super bye, but also my infinite gratitude. sometimes, practice does make perfect.

anyone who was around for the last one knows i can’t take another “giant” loss – so i hope you’ve all been practicing your happy patriots thoughts over the last two weeks. if you stay up all night to make sure we have enough, say hi. i’ll be up.
i can’t believe i get to say this to you for the 21st time this season - but have a great night and GO PATS!
love dav