Monday, November 25, 2013


hey kids-
holy mother of mothers. the patriots beat the broncos.
it sure didn’t seem like that was going to be the headline after the first quarter of this game. the only way it could have started worse would have been if tommy brady had left the field on a cart. still, for a girl who couldn’t muster any happy patriots thoughts all week long, i was remarkably calm when our pats headed into the locker room at halftime down by 24. luckily, so was our fearless quarterback, who came out in the second half and orchestrated one of the most fantastically-fun-to-watch comebacks ever (even better than 12 points in 75 seconds against the bills in 2009!).  tommy threw 263 of  his 344 yards in the second half, completing 81% of his passes – including three touchdowns. i’d say he kind of looked like a maniac when he celebrated this one with rob gronkowski...but that would be the pot calling the kettle black.

there isn’t much that makes me happier than beating peyton manning – but beating wes welker along with him made this one extra sweet. looking at wes wearing that stupid broncos uniform with his stupid wes welker face made me wonder how i ever could have hearted him (putting him in the company of pretty much every boyfriend i’ve ever had). the dropped passes and botched punt signal were great reminders of why i don’t miss him at all – though it looks like he might still miss new england a little bit.  nice catch, wes! watching the patriots win really turns me on, too.

the tommy of the week is going to julian edelman, and i couldn’t be happier about it. i’ve wanted to give julian the totw several times this season, but he’s narrowly lost every time. it seems fitting that after stepping up to be the unexpected go-to guy all season along, edelman would have his biggest game of the season in one of the patriots’ biggest games ever – in front of a national audience, to boot. with 110 yards and two touchdowns, julian definitely stole the spotlight and put on a show. here he is, making an awesome flying leap into the endzone to put the pats up in the fourth quarter.  it’s a bird! it’s a plane! it’s edelman!

and that’s all she wrote kids. we’re back to sunday mornings for a few weeks staring in houston this weekend. while the texans are having a terrible season, the pats embarrassed them pretty badly about this time last year, so you can bet they’ll bring their A game. think your happy patriots thoughts, and let’s hope next monday is as happy as this one was.
have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

Thursday, November 21, 2013


hey kids-
well, our patriots lost another game on a controversial call, and i’ve gotta tell ya, i’m getting really freaking sick of it. i generally don’t whine about bad calls because a) i’m not a pansy-assed bitch and b) no game is ever really lost because of one bad call. that said, after watching the tape of this particular bad call, i’m holy f$&%ing pissed off about it.
there was actually plenty of stuff that made me angry in this game, starting with the fizzle of our fearless quarterback. after an awesome performance against pittsburgh (i know, i know), tommy and the boys looked like they didn’t practice at all during the bye.  bad passes and dropped balls left brady 29 of 40 for 296 yards and one touchdown. huh. it seemed a lot worse than that when i was watching it! anyway, down by four, the offense had just 59 seconds to try to pull out another comeback – and anyone who knows anything knows tommy needs at least 1:08. if we’d gotten that one extra play from the penalty-that-wasn’t-a-penalty-that-really-was (aka nine more seconds), there’s a good chance we’d have won this game. yeah, i’m mad, too, tommy. give him hell!

aside from being super pissed off at the refs, i was also pretty mad at talib for seemingly trying to get ejected from the game (he didn’t) and giving up as many penalty yards as possible in the process(20). i also wasn’t too happy with ridley’s redzone fumble or with the D’s first game in like 17 without a single turnover. still, this award is called the tommy of the week, not the lets-be-a-douche-like-wes-welker-of-the-week, and it’s going to rob gronkowski. the only play of the game i remember being impressed by when it happened was gronk’s extra effort to hurl his arm forward into the end zone to make sure he broke the plane for the touchdown. if everybody on the team had played that hard, that one bad call really wouldn’t have mattered. way to work those abs, rob! good to have you back.

with another big sunday night game coming up, there’s no time for sour grapes or wallowing in this loss. i’m not feeling as confident about our pats at this point in the season as i’d hope i’d be – but they do have a way of surprising me in these overhyped matchups. still, denver’s really good, and wes is really douchey, and i’m not looking forward to seeing either one. i’m having a really hard time thinking happy patriots thoughts this week (feel free to yell at me), so pick up the slack and think a few extra happy patriots on my behalf. god knows we’re going to need them.
have a great week- and go pats!

love dav

Monday, November 18, 2013


hey kids-

i’ll have some more of that please!

after weeks of agony and frustration, our patriots offense finally came together in a big way to trounce the pittsburgh steelers. our fearless quarterback had more yards at the end of the first half than he did at the end of many of this season’s game, and he finished the day 22 of 33 with 432 and four – yep, count ‘em, FOUR – touchdown passes. now THAT looks like the tommy brady we know and love!

our defense continued its streak of forcing turnovers with two interceptions, but FINALLY, this game was all about the offense. it seems like everybody woke up all at the same time, and man, was it freaking awesome! four offensive players (not counting tommy) had more than 100 yards – including three receivers each with more than 120 yards and a touchdown. this was the most points scored by any team this season, and it’s good to know the boys can put those kids of numbers on the board with denver coming up. there were so many awesome offensive performances, but the tommy is going to aaron dobson. while gronk had more yards, dobson had more touchdowns – including a beautiful 81-yard catch that made it look easy. anyone who’s been watching since game one knows that it has not been easy for aaron dobson, and i’m so proud of how far he’s come (and how far he went!). way to seize your moment, dobson!

you’d think i’d have gotten this done earlier since we were on the bye last week, but i didn’t, so here it is. we play carolina in about 90 minutes, so i hope you practiced your happy patriots thoughts without me. i’ll be back shortly, but until then – have a great week and GO PATS!

love dav 

Friday, November 1, 2013


hey kids-
well, it was a little dodgy there for a while, but our patriots pulled it together and pulled out a win against the miami dolphins sunday.
our fearless quarterback still can’t choose which of our receivers to love, and all that indecision really took its toll this week. tommy threw for just 116 yards, and everybody who knows how to catch the ball was pretty much equally jilted out of opportunities to do so. in his defense, tommy’s hand did look like a pack of overstuffed sausages after one of those nasty jets tried to take it home as a souvenir last week. still, it’s time to start turning these sweet nothings into a little sumthin sumthin, tommy! 

our patriots looked pretty awful in the first half of this game, but whatever bill said during half time definitely worked. not only did the offense score 17 points in the third quarter, but the defense had a sack for a forced fumble and two interceptions – including the most awesome pick i’ve ever seen. knowing he couldn’t come down in bounds with the ball, devin mccourty tipped an errant pass toward marquice cole, who both caught it and forcibly touched both feet inbounds before stumbling out. apparently it’s called a tip drill interception, it was super genius. it earned both mccourty and cole co-tommies this week. it’s that kind of heads up football that’s got us 6-2 instead of 2-6! nicely done once again, defense!

we play pittsburgh on sunday, and while it would be awesome to head into our bye week with one more win, every time we play the steelers i just hope all our boys make it out of the game alive. pittsburgh doesn’t look quite as fierce as they have in years past, but that doesn’t mean that can’t kill somebody (i’m talking to you, danny amendola!). now that the red sox have taken care of business, you’ve all got nothing better to do than think your happy patriots thoughts – so get to it and i’ll try to catch you back here a little earlier next week.
have a great weekend, and go pats!

love dav