Monday, November 18, 2013


hey kids-

i’ll have some more of that please!

after weeks of agony and frustration, our patriots offense finally came together in a big way to trounce the pittsburgh steelers. our fearless quarterback had more yards at the end of the first half than he did at the end of many of this season’s game, and he finished the day 22 of 33 with 432 and four – yep, count ‘em, FOUR – touchdown passes. now THAT looks like the tommy brady we know and love!

our defense continued its streak of forcing turnovers with two interceptions, but FINALLY, this game was all about the offense. it seems like everybody woke up all at the same time, and man, was it freaking awesome! four offensive players (not counting tommy) had more than 100 yards – including three receivers each with more than 120 yards and a touchdown. this was the most points scored by any team this season, and it’s good to know the boys can put those kids of numbers on the board with denver coming up. there were so many awesome offensive performances, but the tommy is going to aaron dobson. while gronk had more yards, dobson had more touchdowns – including a beautiful 81-yard catch that made it look easy. anyone who’s been watching since game one knows that it has not been easy for aaron dobson, and i’m so proud of how far he’s come (and how far he went!). way to seize your moment, dobson!

you’d think i’d have gotten this done earlier since we were on the bye last week, but i didn’t, so here it is. we play carolina in about 90 minutes, so i hope you practiced your happy patriots thoughts without me. i’ll be back shortly, but until then – have a great week and GO PATS!

love dav 

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