Thursday, November 21, 2013


hey kids-
well, our patriots lost another game on a controversial call, and i’ve gotta tell ya, i’m getting really freaking sick of it. i generally don’t whine about bad calls because a) i’m not a pansy-assed bitch and b) no game is ever really lost because of one bad call. that said, after watching the tape of this particular bad call, i’m holy f$&%ing pissed off about it.
there was actually plenty of stuff that made me angry in this game, starting with the fizzle of our fearless quarterback. after an awesome performance against pittsburgh (i know, i know), tommy and the boys looked like they didn’t practice at all during the bye.  bad passes and dropped balls left brady 29 of 40 for 296 yards and one touchdown. huh. it seemed a lot worse than that when i was watching it! anyway, down by four, the offense had just 59 seconds to try to pull out another comeback – and anyone who knows anything knows tommy needs at least 1:08. if we’d gotten that one extra play from the penalty-that-wasn’t-a-penalty-that-really-was (aka nine more seconds), there’s a good chance we’d have won this game. yeah, i’m mad, too, tommy. give him hell!

aside from being super pissed off at the refs, i was also pretty mad at talib for seemingly trying to get ejected from the game (he didn’t) and giving up as many penalty yards as possible in the process(20). i also wasn’t too happy with ridley’s redzone fumble or with the D’s first game in like 17 without a single turnover. still, this award is called the tommy of the week, not the lets-be-a-douche-like-wes-welker-of-the-week, and it’s going to rob gronkowski. the only play of the game i remember being impressed by when it happened was gronk’s extra effort to hurl his arm forward into the end zone to make sure he broke the plane for the touchdown. if everybody on the team had played that hard, that one bad call really wouldn’t have mattered. way to work those abs, rob! good to have you back.

with another big sunday night game coming up, there’s no time for sour grapes or wallowing in this loss. i’m not feeling as confident about our pats at this point in the season as i’d hope i’d be – but they do have a way of surprising me in these overhyped matchups. still, denver’s really good, and wes is really douchey, and i’m not looking forward to seeing either one. i’m having a really hard time thinking happy patriots thoughts this week (feel free to yell at me), so pick up the slack and think a few extra happy patriots on my behalf. god knows we’re going to need them.
have a great week- and go pats!

love dav

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