Thursday, October 27, 2011


hey kids-

we made it through the bye week, and i think we all deserve a little reward for our suffering. so, without further ado, in honor of halloween, i proudly present the all eye candy edition of the tommy of the week! ‘cause our pats don’t just win, they look damned good doin it.

i usually try to avoid swooning over tom brady, since it tends to undermine my football credibility, at least til i open my mouth. besides, i’m usually too busy admiring the holy record-breaking, ass-kicking, miracle-working, gaming-winning wonder that is our fearless quarterback to admire his holy hotness. that said, tommy is lookin pretty holy hot these days.  while i can’t say this makes me wanna buy uggs, it does make me wanna head east for my favorite cold-weather past time...which, of course, is watching football and drinkin beer, dad!

in i heart wes welker news, my issues with swooning clearly do not extend to wes. in my defense, he does appear to be egging me on.

speaking of being egged on...our not-so-rookie tight end wound up with a little egg on his face this week. luckily, most of us weren’t looking at his face to notice! the last time i considered giving the tommy of the week to a girl was when gisele had her baby on the team’s day off so tommy didn’t have to miss practice. the porn star who managed to get rob gronkowski to expose this harder side almost snagged it this time–  but ultimately, she lost out to the smokin six pack...of beer, which i’ll be drinking while i watch football on sunday, dad! on a side note, i think i’m finally understanding the merits of twitter.

alright kids – that’s all i’ve got for treats, so let’s hope our patriots are up to their old tricks come sunday. those steelers are scary, no costumes required! think happy patriots thoughts, and have a great week!

go pats!
love dav

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