Tuesday, October 11, 2011


hey kids-
we beat the jets! and in our throwback unis, too, which almost always prove to be unlucky. i'll admit they were an improvement over the stupid pink highlights we had on last week. we get it - the nfl loves boobies. let’s return to our regularly-scheduled uniforms already!
it was a surprisingly low-stress game on sunday that mostly consisted of the jets chasing our patriots all day long – sometimes more effectively than others. they caught up to tommy on quiet a few occasions, which generally resulted in our fearless quarterback landing on his fearless butt. it didn’t seem to phase him much, as he managed 321 yards and a touchdown. our offense line could’ve been a little tighter, but tommy is the slowest man in the nfl. this jet wants to hug him for it! 

there’s an awesome article on espn about the ways in which wes has evolved in the offense this year- from catching longer passes (31% have been for more than 11 yards) to working outside the numbers. it’s pretty impressive – and provides tons of reasons to heart him, if ya need em. watching cromartie and revis chase him around while he picked up 124 yards clinched it for me.  here he is, burning revis on one of those long passes and makin my heart flutter. dreamy sigh.
our defense finally started to come together on sunday, and it was awesome watching them make some consistent stops that weren’t just on the goal line. still, it won’t be any surprise that this week’s tommy goes to benjarvus green-ellis. the boy was a workhorse, with 136 yards and two touchdowns to prove it. nice work, ben! here he is with a whole squadron of jets giving chase - less effectively, in this case.

we’ve got one more game before our early bye- against dallas on sunday afternoon. i’d say mean things about tony romo being about as dumb as tommy is slow, but i *know* jovan was thinkin happy patriots thoughts while the ‘boys were on the bye. however, i’m sure he’s stopped by now - so i hope you’ve started to pick up the slack. have a great week- and go pats!
love dav

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