Friday, December 30, 2011


hey kids-
super-late this week, and only getting this done now by tearing myself away from my new puppy (lush) who is snoozin on my leg. i’m sure she’s about to wake up and do something adorable at any moment, so let’s make this one short and sweet.
it was a tale of two halves on sunday- and if you’re a patriots fan, you could’ve pretty much skipped the first one. our pats got outscored 17-0, and it wasn’t pretty. luckily, we’ve evolved into a second half team this year, and things turned around later in the game.  meanwhile, this is the only kind of action our fearless quarterback was seeing for much of quarters one and two. run, tommy, run!

i was a little distracted from how much i heart wes welker this week- til i saw the him in the locker room when some idiot asked, “wes, what’s the significance of the number one seed?” wes looked at him like he was maybe-a-little-slow and explained, “well, you get home field advantage if you win.” lush is cute, but my heart definitely still belongs to wes. dreamy sigh.

while that first half was a wash, our pats came alive after the break, with our fearless quarterback leading the charge. tommy racked up more than 200 yards in the second half, threw for one touchdown, and rushed for two more. if that’s not leadership, competitiveness, and general roguish charm, than i don’t know what is! here he is, showing those defenders the measure of their competition. or something like that.

it’s our final regular season game on sunday, and i can’t think of a better way to start the new year than by watching our pats beat the bills – and maybe watching them break a record or two in the process. think happy patriots thoughts – because i’m busy thinking “all the best in 2012” thoughts for you and yours. happy new year. go patriots!
love dav
ps- i told you she’d wake up and do something adorable!

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