Thursday, December 22, 2011


hey kids-
what a sunday! beating the broncos is always exciting, since they tend to give us a run for our money, but beating the broncos resoundingly in a seriously-overhyped game that got tons of national attention? it was like christmas came early!
it wasn’t much of a contest between tom and tim – though it started out like it might be when tebow rushed into the end zone for the broncos’ first score. not to be outdone, tommy wound up with a rushing score of his own, along with 320 yards, two touchdowns, and that great big “w,” putting him ahead in the contest on all fronts. to celebrate, our fearless quarterback pulled his own signature end zone move – which is known as “spiking the football.” if “bradying” ever becomes a word, it damned well better mean something more exciting than that.

i know you all know i heart wes welker – but i have to admit, i never thought to put him on my christmas thanks to whomever gave these kids the heads up! think that’s gonna fit under the tree, mom?

with the way gronkowski has been playing, it’s easy to forget hernandez was the favorite of our tight end tandem for much of last season. on sunday, it was easy to remember why: aaron finally shook off that injury and pulled down 129 yards and a touchdown – which earns this week’s tommy of the week. i have the same affection for aaron’s tats as i do for gronk’s abs, so watching him leap up to make one-armed catches like this one was definitely a holiday treat.

we play miami saturday morning this week, and not only do we have a tendency to lose to the dolphins in december, but they’ve been on a tear lately. there’s a decent possibility they’ll be the grinch who stole christmas, so think happy patriots thoughts – or somebody better call those kids to make sure wes winds up under my tree.
merry christmas – and go pats!
love dav

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