Sunday, December 30, 2012


hey kids-
it’s very, very old news now that our patriots lost to the 49ers in what turned out to be an incredible game if you stuck with it to the end. of our four losses, i’m the least disappointed by the this one. however- just before game time, janice emailed a reply to the previous week’s totw saying “these are a lot funnier when the pats lose.” for that reason – and because this is already ridiculously late – i’m keeping this as short, sweet, and unentertaining as possible. blame janice! i already hold her responsible for the loss.
after the high of the win against houston, i wondered if we might crash a bit in this game against the niners – and for the first half of this game, crash we did. bumbles, bobbles and bloopers galore had our boys looking an awful lot like the three stooges – and even tommy brady couldn’t pull off that look!

on the plus side, aaron hernandez proved he looks just as good losing as he does winning.

luckily, the patriots are the patriots, and they weren’t going down without a fight. our fearless quarterback led our team to 31 points in the second half, but even his 443 yards weren’t enough to salvage this slow start. still, it was tommy’s leadership, competitiveness, and general roguish charm that had even the most fierce of haters glued to the screen right down to the last second of this game, and this week’s tommy of the week goes to its namesake.

alright- that’s that. hope you’re happy janice!
this week’s tommy is coming up next.
go pats!
love dav

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