Sunday, January 13, 2013


hey kids-
our patriots ended the season on a high note with a win against the dolphins. i didn’t think we played particularly well, although the score would suggest otherwise. after all, we were playing miami. i’m super late and super over this game, so i’ll keep it short and sweet.
our fearless quarterback ended the year with two more touchdown passes and a respectable 284 yards. also respectable was the flying leap he took to celebrate rob gronkowski’s return...or maybe his touchdown reception. either way, tommy sure jumps better than he runs.

tommy wasn’t the only one happy to see rob gronkowski. looks like aaron missed rob’s abs just as much as i did!

it was a pretty well-balanced, if unmemorable game, against the dolphins, and i’m giving the last tommy of the week to tom brady.  here he is looking all leadershipy, competitive, and generally roguishly-charming. yeah- i know you’re not fooled. i was looking at aaron’s arms.

and that’s all she wrote on the regular season, kids. we play houston in just over two hours, and i hope our patriots have done a better job on focusing on the task at hand than i have. i was trying to force myself not to worry about next week even before baltimore upset the broncos. if you haven’t already, think your happy patriots thoughts in full force, and i’ll catch ya back here sooner than later, promise.
go pats!!!!!!!!
love dav

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