Tuesday, November 2, 2010


hey kids-
i’m totally not feeling it this week, and i’m a little worried my patriots dissociative disorder is back. at 6-1, the pats have the best record in the nfl, and i should definitely be happier about that than i am. i’m not sure if this team really isn’t very much fun to watch or if i’m just not having very much fun watching them – cast your vote on the blog! – but it feels like we’re too terrible for such a good record. something just isn’t clicking this season. 
this week’s game was a case in point. the vikings dominated the clock for much of the game, and while the patriots presented a fairly balanced offense that was refreshing to see, our defense looked very much like the #25 defense they are. to make matters worse, tommy had yet another mediocre showing, and i know i swore i’d never take a game in which he played for granted, but this is getting old.  this shot of him cheering on benjarvus green-ellis (who totally rocked!) from the background is both endearing and disturbingly accurate. c’mon tommy – get in focus!
there were a few highlights this week, and the performance of brandon tate was most definitely one of them. with randy’s departure, tate was given the chance to become tommy’s new deep threat – and he grabbed it, literally. not only did he pull down the longest reception of the season, but he also made a spectacular catch that should’ve been picked but bounced off the defender. tate bobbled it for several seconds before securing both the ball and this week’s tommy of the week. here he is, mid-bobble, showing randy moss how it’s done. hurray, brandon tate!
there was, however, one highlight that was more notable this week: wes shaved! after my threated fling with our new tight end, wes abandoned his mountain-man beard, reminding me why i heart him. in turn, i’m reminding you why i heart him. look at that face! 
we’re visiting cleveland and our old friend ben watson this sunday. hopefully, seeing ben won’t be the highlight of next week’s game. think happy patriots thoughts – and happy dav thoughts, too, if you want a more entertaining tommy next week.
go pats!
love dav

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