Tuesday, November 23, 2010


oh my god we beat the colts!!!!!!

it was a live one this week, kids, and as always, the annual pats-colts matchup lived up to the hype. it came down to the wire, but for the second week in a row, our patriots put together a full 60 minutes of football and looked like the 8-2 team they are.

also for the second week in a row, our fearless quarterback looked like, well, a fearless quarterback. tommy went 19 for 25, with two touchdowns, earning a victory that tied him with favre for the most consecutive at-home wins. in spite of missed practices and rumors of an injured foot, he’s definitely back in fighting form. in fact, tommy was so laser sharp, even i could have caught this pass. put me in, coach!

this week’s tommy was a tough decision. every single player stepped up, fighting for extra yards, tipping passes, and making big plays when it counted. i almost gave it to james sanders for intercepting manning on what was most likely a game-tying drive, but three players intercepted ol’ peyton, and they can’t all get it. so, while our defense gets honorable mention, the tommy of the week is awarded to danny woodhead. the wes welker of running backs, he’s been workin’ his small stature for some big plays lately – and while he did score a touchdown, it was the block he threw on special teams that clinched it. congrats woody – take a bow!

spiking the ball in triumph is our team’s new signature move, and as you can see, wes took his turn this week. i’m not sure if he’s excited about fighting his way into the end zone or if he’s just super happy there’s finally someone on the team smaller than he is. either way – i totally heart him!

short week this week, as the pat give us all a reason to be thankful with a game against detroit thanksgiving morning. i’ll probably reserve the tommy for early next week, partly to save you from withdrawal, since it’ll be a full 11 days til our monday night showdown with the jets, and partly because i’m flying to new orleans tomorrow and will most likely be drunk (and earning beads!) for the next five days. just kidding, dad!

have an awesome thanksgiving, and eat some turkey for me. go patriots!

love dav

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