Tuesday, November 9, 2010


well kids,
the patriots got spanked by the cleveland browns, and boy oh boy, did they ever deserve it. hopefully this will be the wake-up call we needed to realize we can’t rely on the other team to suck worse than we do every week.
our quarterback looked downright pathetic and had only himself to blame. maybe there’s some weird funk that comes on right after you turn 33, because tommy looks like he’s as out of sorts as i’ve been lately. here he is, in a position with which i’m very familiar, pondering just how it happened that he got bested by a rookie. i feel your pain, tommy.
speaking of rookies, aaron hernandez continues to shine, and he had several spectacular catches that made tommy’s stats look better than they actually were. he also became the first rookie since 1983 to have two touchdown receptions in one game, which definitely merits a tommy of the week. congrats, aaron! i almost wish wes hadn’t shaved after all.
wes actually gave me yet another reason to heart him this week, kicking a field goal in the place of injured stephen gostokowski, it certainly wasn’t pretty, but it went through the posts, and that’s all that matters. after watching his passing skills in practice last year, i vote we put him in for tommy if things don’t get better soon- although wes of the week doesn’t really have the same ring to it.
we’re in for a tough stretch over the next month, starting with pittsburgh this week. let’s hope the boys salvage some of that patriots pride and pull out a couple of actually hard-earned victories- although i’ll be happy enough if ryan clark doesn’t kill wes welker or anybody else. those steelers are scary! think happy patriots thoughts, and have a great week.
love dav

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