Tuesday, November 30, 2010


hey kids-
hurray for thanksgiving! hurray for patriots blowouts! hurray for getting slizzered – and learning the word slizzered! and hip, hip, hurray for awesome casino bars in biloxi full of patriots fans decked out in game day gear – including yours truly, decked out in patriots beads expressly from new orleans.
the pats started thanksgiving morning a little unsteadily (as did i!), and the lions took a surprising lead into the locker room. luckily, games have two halves, and the pats came out to score five touchdowns in two quarters – saving thanksgiving for patriots fans everywhere, but in biloxi particularly. our patriots certainly seem to be hitting their stride, and as you can see here, so is our tommy brady. looks like he finally decided to face forward and start leading that team of his. 
it’s hard to believe we’ve gotten all the way to week twelve without our fearless quarterback winning his namesake award once. i think he may have been a little disgruntled about that, because he put on a performance that demanded this week’s tommy, throwing for 341 yards and four touchdowns and earning a perfect quarterback rating for the second time in his career. i’m not exactly sure what he’s been doing to get that tongue of his back in shape, but i am pretty sure i’m not the only girl telling him to keep on doing it.
wes caught two touchdown passes in this blowout bonanza, and there were plenty of pictures of him diving into the end zone...but sometimes i just like to look at his pretty blue eyes and reflect upon how much i heart him. look. reflect. heart.
we play the stupidfreaking jets on monday night and it’s been so overhyped, even i’m sick of it already. while the jets do have the same record we have (9-2), only one player this season has earned a perfect quarterback rating, and his name isn’t sanchez. it’ll take another complete effort by the boys to win this one, but they’ve been making winning look completely effortless lately, and i like our odds. still – let’s not leave it to chance. think extra happy patriots thoughts- and have a great week!
love dav

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