Wednesday, December 8, 2010


hey kids-

unless you’ve been living beneath a rock, you probably heard that the patriots completely dismantled the jets on monday night. if you were listening closely, you may have even heard echoes of my giddy laughter reverberating through the fog, although you probably missed the happy dance that accompanied them (unless you were really lucky!).

for the second week in a row, our fearless quarterback threw four touchdown passes – and he broke brett favre’s home-game-win streak in resounding fashion with this rout of the jets. tommy’s been absolutely on fire lately, and clearly, i wasn’t the only one doing a happy dance!

i thought it would take a complete effort to stop the jets, and apparently, our coach agreed. every single patriot showed up on monday night, right down to rookie punter zoltan mesko, who threw an amazing block and shoved a punt-returning jet out of bounds before he got any ideas. still, the award is called the tommy of the week, and it’s going to tom brady again this week. tommy also earned his second consecutive AFC offensive player of the week and whispers of “mvp” got a little louder...but it was the totw that really got him excited.

tommy was all over wes this week, and i’ll admit it made me a little bit jealous – although i am really excited they’ve resumed their bromance now the novelty of branch has worn off. wes was sweet about it though, and it looks like he let tommy down easy. sorry dude – you’re a handsome guy, but dav totally hearts me!

some of  the jets called this the biggest regular season game of their careers, but as it turns out, it wasn’t even be the biggest regular season game of the week for our patriots. we face the 9-3 bears in chicago on sunday, and hopefully our pick-happy secondary is ready to show jay cutler how it feels like to play a team with a winning record. think happy four-touchdowns-for-us, four-interceptions-for-them thoughts- or happy patriots thoughts, if that’s easier to remember.

have a great week, and go pats!

love dav

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