Wednesday, December 29, 2010


hey kids-

let’s hear it for the patriots! not much snow fell in the game against the buffalo bills, but lots of confetti did in the locker room afterward. our pats clinched the AFC west and secured a first-round bye in the playoffs with their 13th win of the season.  i can’t believe how far our team has come in the last 16 weeks, and after watching (and often sharing!) those midseason growing pains, i couldn’t be more proud. hurray patriots!

tommy threw for just 140 yards this week, but he had three touchdown passes and no picks, breaking bernie kosar’s all-time record for most consecutive pass attempts without an interception. interestingly, when kosar set the record, he was also coached by belichick – who demurred he’s been very lucky to work with smart players who take good care of the ball. i suspect both players would argue they were lucky to work with a smart coach who took good care of their games. as we approach the post-season, bill has tommy and the boys running like a well-oiled machine. isn’t it an awesome sight?

a string of injuries and a flu-gone-wild left our d a bit short-handed sunday– so much so that one of our starting lineman had just signed with the team the previous wednesday. still, this patchwork ensemble again held our opponent to one score and forced seven turnovers against the bills.  two of those – one interception, one fumble – came at the hands of rookie linebacker dane fletcher, and for that he gets the tommy of the week. dane is the third rookie to take home the coveted award this season, and it’s all the more impressive considering i didn’t even know he was on our team. oh, whatever – you didn’t either. congrats, dane – nice to meet ya! 

wes wound up on a few dud-of-the-week lists after dropping a couple of passes, but he’s still this week’s recipient of the i heart wes welker.  he hasn’t been quite on his game the last few weeks, but i heart him for better or for butterfingers. besides, it looks like he may be taking lessons from dan connolly!

we play the final game of the regular season at home against the dolphins on sunday – and it should be fun to watch. with nothing on the line except pride, i’ll be raising my glass to our patriots – repeatedly! feel free to clink me!

here’s wishing everyone all the best in 2011. happy new year – and go patriots!

love dav

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