Tuesday, December 14, 2010


hey kids-

i don’t know why i’m not feeling the tommy this week, especially since sunday delivered three of my favorite things in one fell swoop: the patriots (#1) in a blow out victory (#2) in the snow (#3)!!! really, what more could a girl want?

it was a veritable winter wonderland in chicago, and i was happy to see it was snowy somewhere – even if i didn’t get to play in it. our fearless quarterback appeared to have a blast in it, though, and continued to play like it’s dallas-or-bust, throwing for a season-high 369 yards. with wes, deion, and woody all coming in under 5’9, opposing teams have been complaining it’s hard to spot our tiny team on the field, but the bears can blame this loss on camouflage! we blend right into the snow in our away unis. funnily enough, tommy didn’t seem to have any trouble locating our receivers at all.

for the second week in a row, our defense held our opponents to just one score – which is crazy, considering they’re statistically one of the worst defenses in the league. not only did they manage to put up just as many points as the bears’ offense did, but they also recovered two fumbles and pulled down two more interceptions. even so, deion branch caught eight of the 10 passes thrown his way, including a 59-yard touchdown reception at the end of the first half. apparently, tommy pulled a nuke laloosh, shaking off the sideline call to take a knee and instead lobbing the ball downfield into deoin’s waiting arms. branch racked up a career-high 151 yards to earn his very first tommy of the week, and in keeping with tradition, he celebrated with a happy dance. watch out boys- i’m trying this move next week!  

there’s something about this picture that makes wes look like a superhero. faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, and able to leap tall bears in a single bound! or...maybe that’s just the i-heart-wes-welker talking.

we play green bay on sunday night, which means i’ll have a whole entire day of climbing the walls, watching crappy day games, and being annoyed that we don’t play til late – or maybe just that i’ll already be tipsy by the time the game starts. either way, it means you’ll have a few extra hours in which to sneak in a few extra happy patriots thoughts. don’t let me down!

have a great week! go patriots!

love dav

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