Tuesday, October 5, 2010


hey kids-
HOLY PATRIOTS! i'm still a little in shock over this one. it seems like every year (excepting that 2007 season), the patriots lose to miami in miami. it's just one of those givens, so you've gotta love that tom brady's 100th career win happened in a stadium where winning has been such a challenge for him. in fact, he actually didn't have much to do with this victory, as he spent most of it on the sidelines watching our defense and special teams go to town in a rout road win. it was pretty fun to watch - and tommy deserved his front row seat.
our fearless quarterback scored just one touchdown in his 100th victory, and he didn't seem to mind one little bit. tommy took only 131 games (the fewest of any quarterback in the modern era) to reach 100 career wins, and he was pretty excited about this victory. there were lots of pictures of fist pumps and screaming, but i like this one of tommy squeezing the living daylights out of vince wilfork. look how happy he is to hug someone with a little meat on their bones!
while watching the game, i thought this week's tommy winner was a no-brainer. rob ninkovich had two interceptions and a sack- and the only player to accomplish that last season wound up winning "defensive player of the year." it's kinda sad for rob that his stellar performance came on the same night that pat chung blocked two kicks and pulled down a pick of his own, which he ran back for a touchdown. I agonized, but chung's plays resulted in more points- including some that he scored- so he gets this week's tommy. he here is in action, blocking one of those kicks. not to take anything away from pat, but the kicker was probably blinded by those obnoxiously pink gloves.
speaking of obnoxiously pink, wes showed his extra-special appreciation for boobies by not only donning the gloves,  but also slipping on two very obnoxiously pink bicep bracelets. tommy's haircut doesn't really approve, but the pink towel hanging out of his pants hearts wes as much as i do.
we're on the bye this weekend, so if you want me to cheer for your team on sunday, this is your golden opportunity! jovan is the only one who ever plays this game- so in all likelihood, i'll be a tony romo fan this weekend. (and no, i can't believe i just put that in writing.) if you have any objections- speak now, and i'll put it up for a vote on the blog page. either way, there will a tommy-of-the-bye-week, so stay tuned, and store up your happy patriots thoughts for our return against the ravens in two weeks.
have a great week kids!
love dav

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