Monday, September 27, 2010


well kids,
it was closer than i'd have liked, but the patriots pulled out a victory over the buffalo bills. the poor bills have lost 14 straight to the patriots, and while i almost feel sorry for them, i never take a victory for granted - especially when it's divisional win. this one didn't leave me feeling particularly celebratory, but don't worry. i celebrated anyway.
i think our defense may have headed to miami early for some r&r, because they certainly weren't in foxborough sunday. luckily, our offense held their own, with the tight ends continuing to step up and randy moss snagging another pair of touchdown receptions. there was also an impressive debut by running back danny woodhead, wearing #39. apparently, we shipped lawrence maroney to denver, which is awesome, since my totw-documented threats to kill him next time he fumbled in the end zone probably established premeditation. woodhead actually looked a lot like wes out there, which made me smile, and he scored a touchdown, which made tommy smile. see for yourself!
speaking of our fearless quarterback, our tommy brady had a particularly spectacular game, going 21-27 - three of which were touchdown passes - and earning his 99th career victory. that's enough to also earn him this week's tommy of the week, but for good measure, he even filled in for an injured kevin faulk and rushed for a first down. if only our defense could tackle as well as offensive line! here's tommy hanging out on the sidelines with randy and o-liner matt light, probably thinking exactly the same thing.
wes had a solid but quiet game, which might explain why there aren't any good game photos of him this week. i like this one from practice though -and the way it shows off his muscles. dreamy sigh. that's julian edelman beside him, but his muscles aren't nearly as big. no wonder you guys all call him "mini-wes."
our offense will be joining the defense down in miami this week, and we really need the win. not only is it another divisional game but it's also a road game - and it's on monday night football! that means even you non-patriots fans will have nothing better to do than think happy patriots thoughts. i'll know if you don't, and i'll cry if we lose!
have a great week- and go pats!
love dav

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