Friday, September 17, 2010


hey kids!  while you may not recognize him beneath all that hair, that is indeed tom brady, which means it's time for the fifth official season of "tommy of the week!" and not a moment too soon.

for the second season in a row, the pats opened against TO - this year, versus the bengals, not the bills, and in a blowout, not a hold-your-breath miracle comeback. the team came out firing on all cylinders, and i know i'm biased, but damn, they looked good. tommy led the way, earning his fancy new contract with three touchdowns passes and showing off the leadership, competitiveness, and general roguish charm that inspired this award five long years ago. here he is, showing off his tongue, too- which actually provides an important counterbalance to his passing motion. shut up - i could be right!

there are lots of contenders for the first tommy of the season, from an offensive line that gave our fearless quarterback so much time in the pocket he could've washed his hair to an amazing new corp of aptly-named tight ends. however, the biggest surprise of yesterday was the awesome performance by our still-young defense, so in their honor, this week's tommy of the week is awarded to gary guyton. our linebackers didn't grab a single interception last season, making us rethink that whole "we'll throw in mike vrabel for nothing!" trade with KC. but gary turned that all around in game one this year, leaping up to make a one-armed grab, then outrunning carson palmer (which is more impressive than it sounds) to return it for a touchdown. here he is, hauling in the interception and hauling ass. nicely done, gary guyton!

lest you think an off-season full of turmoil and uncertainty changed my affections, rest assured i heart wes welker more than ever. less than nine months after his heart-wrenching, knee-wrenching injury, wes took the field yesterday looking as good as new- and playing that way too. here he is, catching his second touchdown pass of the game and offering a little assistance to the refs in the process. after what happened in chicago, you can't been too careful. thanks wes - heart ya!

big game against the jets on sunday- and we may get the chance to hand them their first loss in a brand new stadium. you always remember your first, and i can't think of a better housewarming gift. think happy patriots thoughts, cuz we're gonna need em!  have a great week-

love dav


  1. SUPER COOL! Can't wait for the next installation! Go Patriots!

  2. I'm so not a sports fan, but I love you so of course I will support your blog! :)

  3. I'll read it no matter how you send it, it's so entertaining! Go Pats

  4. I heart this new blog! Go Dav and go Pats!